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By Frederick Meekins
October 17, 2000

The fifty-fifth anniversary of the United Nations is upon us. However, those gathered in its celebration at the Millennium Summit did not assemble to nibble cake and sip champagne. Rather delegates and world leaders convened there to set the ball rolling towards the next level of global administration.

In the minds of most Americans, the purpose of the UN is to prevent the likelihood of a catastrophic war by serving as a forum where conflicting parties can assemble to discuss their differences. An examination of the UN's true aspirations would cause such a rosy image to evaporate like a drop of water on a parched summer day.

For if Americans think they have it bad now under the current U.S. tax system, they haven?t seen anything until the one being proposed by the UN in implemented.

Under this proposal, forms of international commerce such as airline tickets and the transport of goods would be subject to taxation. However, these funds would not go for the upkeep of international infrastructure alone. Their primary purpose would be to finance an international welfare system designed to redistribute resources from wealthier nations to the poorer ones since a global income tax is also being considered.

Despite these ambitions, they are not enough to occupy the minds of those conspiring to rule the world.

Prior to the Millennium Summit, another summit was convened among the world?s religious leaders to discuss the role they would play in the onward march towards the New World Order. Instead of serving as a forum to discuss the ways in which religion could be used to patch the world?s deteriorating moral climate, those running this pagan powwow such as Ted Turner and other theological heavyweights used it as a sledgehammer to bash Evangelicals, Catholics, and even Muslims daring to stand in opposition to the UN's promotion of homosexuality, legalized prostitution, and other related measures deleterious to individual character and the integrity of the family.

Those thinking America's power and prestige will protect them from this stupidity of global proportions are in for an even ruder awakening.

For decades, American leaders of both parties have bent over backwards in praise of the rush towards planetary government. But even if America somehow mustered the courage to stand against this formidable tide, America could be forced to surrender its nuclear deterrent or incur the wrath of the proposed UN army. And there will be little the American people will be able to do to protect themselves and their families from rape and pillaging by forces from less civilized nations such as Russia, Red China, and the remainder of the Third World since global gun control is yet another item to be found on the UN's already robust policy platter.

But perhaps the saddest thing of all even beyond the bleak future being planned for the United States is the fact that the media --- the institution charged with warning the American people as to the nature of the threats arrayed against this nation's liberty --- thinks it is more important to inform the American people as to the occasional profanity that might fall from the lips of George W. Bush or his shortcomings in the pronunciation of the word "subliminal", a linguistic mouthful few of us can wrap our tongues around.

If the American people do not soon awaken to this threat of apocalyptic proportions, in all likelihood America as we know it will no longer exist, with our freedom and our Godly heritage subordinated to a global leviathan that cares little for either.

Frederick Meekins
Claim Assistant
McKeldin Library
Serials Acquisitions
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742
Phone: (301) 405-9311 Fax: (301) 314-9308

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