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By Frederick Meekins
April 2, 2001

With tensions increasing between the United States and Russia, it has been noted that the world may be heading into a renewed Cold War. However, such an assertion is not only evident from incidents such as the Hansseen spy case or the expulsion of diplomatic personnel from both countries. It can also be drawn from the level of ignorance displayed by much of the mainstream media regarding the current international scene and the open hostility of the press to the interests of the United States.

In response to the expulsion of nearly fifty Russian diplomats and other attempts by the Bush Administration to patch the strategic holes in America's tottering ship of state, the Washington Post has labeled the President's approach to world affairs as "blunt". The newscast of the local NBC affiliate in Washington labeled Secretary of State Colin Powell's remarks regarding the unnecessary detention of an American University Professor and her preschool-aged son in China as "harsh".

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice has provided a perspective more balanced than that offered by rosy-eyed journalists regarding America's adversaries when she was quoted by the March 23, 2001 Washington Post as saying, "If we have learned anything in the last several years, it is that a romantic view of Russia --- rather than a realistic one --- did nothing to help the cause of stability in Russia." It hasn't exactly been good for the United States either.

Here are some of the realities liberal journalists are chastising observant foreign policy officials for bringing before the public's attention.

Instead of aspiring to a level of conduct befitting a place among the brotherhood of upright nations, the actions by Russia and other powers like her would seem to indicate they still reside firmly in the orbit of the darkside.

For example, at the annual World Threat Briefing before the Senate Intelligence Committee in February, it was revealed that both China and Russia plan to deploy measures bent on disrupting U.S. space technology. China, in particular, is developing laser and electronic pulse weapons in pursuit of this objective.

Russia has been equally as busy as well. While Russia and China continue to grow closer through a maniacal partnership directed against the United States, pompous Russian politicians lecture the U.S. as to how a missile defense system designed to protect American citizens from weapons of mass destruction inherently destabilizes the delicate equilibrium of international affairs.

Even regarding this issue, the Russians ply their characteristic deceit and manipulation. Back in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented his own proposal for a limited theater-based defense system designed to address the threat of "unpredictable and hostile nations".

While attempting to garnish praise as a world statesman, with such a proposal Putin dances within the shadows of the verbal ambiguities for which those drawn to Communism's allure are famous.

The protection provided to Western nation's by Putin's plan would be miniscule regarding major threats because Russia would likely not be blacklisted as such a country. Russian and Chinese weapons of mass destruction would continue to possess the opportunity of raining down destruction upon a helpless U.S. population.

Patriotic Americans cannot help but feel a degree of animosity towards nations such as Russia and China for the apocalyptic threat they pose to the United States. Yet each is merely playing its role in the grand geostrategic game all great powers play.

Our deepest contempt ought to be reserved for those among us who actively render ideological aide and intellectual support to the forces actively conspiring to extinguish the light of liberty from this otherwise darkened world.

Nowhere is the antipathy towards this nation and the Judeo-Christian heritage it was founded upon as evident as among the media elite. And it must be noted that this disease reaches to the highest levels of mass communications.

Media tycoon Ted Turner recently let his feelings regarding God and country all hang out in a disgusting display of just what his true colors happen to be. Seems he prefers some shade of red.

During his acceptance of an award from the World Federalist Association, he castigated the United States for picking on smaller nations and lavished praise upon the United Nations, claiming we owe our very survival during the Cold War to this global institution. Not one word of gratitude was directed towards the armed forces of the United States in Mr. Turner's remarks nor did he make any acknowledgement of Communism as an inherently flawed system predetermined to failure .

These aspirations for planetary government are often coupled with a hostility towards traditional religious beliefs. Shortly before his comments at the World Federalist Association, Turner smeared his Christian employees by calling them "Jesus freaks."

The World Federalists responded that Turner's comments regarding Christianity were a "moot point". Had these comments been made about Muslims, Jews, or some other ethnic group, old Ted would have not even been in the running for this global governance award.

Ted Turner also told his religious employees at CNN they might prefer working for the Fox News Network, one of Turner's primary competitors. While Fox does have a reputation for producing a news product exhibiting a more refined degree of journalistic objectivity, its corporate echelon has done little more than Turner in the struggle against world Communism. Rupert Murdoch, head of the Fox media empire, might talk a better game, but his actions still fall pitifully short.

According to the March 30, 2001 broadcast of "Point of View with Marlin Maddoux", Murdoch's son gave a speech to a recent business convention. In his comments, the younger Murhdoch argued that the Western media ought not produce stories critical of the regime in China because to do so was unduly antagonistic.

His father has faired little better in standing up to these Marxist thugs. Rupert obsequiously backed down from efforts to market satellite TV to the most populace country on earth because it might destabilize the regime there enslaving around a billion people.

Shows you just how far some will go for the principles embodied by the First Amendment. Seems he has no problem corroding America with programs such as 'Temptation Island" but won't lift a finger to set oppressed nations free with the liberating influence of true information.

Americans face a number of threats from around the globe ranging from acts of terrorism to the proliferation of black-market nuclear weapons to a disturbing resurgence of Communist hostility. The last thing the nation needs is having its primary sources of information in league with or beholden to the enemy at a time when an accurate presentation of the facts is indispensable to our very survival.

Copyright 2001 by Frederick B. Meekins

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