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Mark Chryson
Memory Lake, Mat-Su Borough, Alaska
August 12, 2001



Is there any better group here in Alaska than the Alaskan Independence Party to learn about this from?

Eagle River / Chugiak at one time controlled their own destiny. The courts declared the Eagle River Borough null and void.

The Municipality of Anchorage has absorbed this community and wants to steal your identity. They take your water and give you their garbage. They don’t allow a new school despite how badly it is needed and even if you will be the only one to pay for it.

The State Boundary Commission will make the decision if separation is legal. (again) Well it all depends on how the people of this community word the divorce proceedings on the legality of this matter.

The regulations and statutes on separation are written in such a way to make it virtually impossible for a government to dissolve. Bureaucracy exists only to perpetuate themselves and when they are the ones who write the rules, you are almost in a no win situation.

Let me encourage you with an emphasis on the words “virtually” and “almost.”

Learn from the North Pole Borough movement. There are literally cases of documents on record showing how the separation needs to be done. The Alaskan Independence Party has these records, as this movement was spearheaded by our vice chairman, John Glotfelty of Big Delta. The Boundary Commission has outlined all the hoops you need to jump through, but they will not be the ones to tell you how to divorce Anchorage.

We will be glad to assist and aide our fellow Alaskans exert the right of self-determination.

The only voters, who should participate in this plebiscite of self-determination, should be bonefide residents of the affected area, Chugiak and Eagle River residents only. The MOA will attempt to dilute the vote by having people from Girdwood, Hillside, Spenard, Muldoon, Government Hill, Fort Rich, Elmendorf and the entire Municipality on the basic issue of self-government for this community. This immoral practice must not be allowed to continue. The people of the Mat-Su will not be allowed to vote in this election even though our state representatives represent both of our communities so why should Anchorage residents?

The Municipality has changed their charter and broken the promises to the people of the “outlying areas,” (Eagle River and Chugiak included) and must be held accountable, even if it means secession.

Mark Chryson
Chairman, Alaskan Independence Party
Memory Lake, Alaska

Political Activist, Mark Chryson is a 12 year resident of the Mat-Su Borough and current chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party, He may be reached by Email or Voice mail at 907-376-8285.

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