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By Kelley Ryan
June 24, 2001

Robert Schulz, age 61, is the founder and chairperson of WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION on constitutional education. He lives in Queensbury, New York. His Website is: & Phone is 518 656 3578.

Mr Shulz is an action-oriented patriot that stands head and shoulders among us all who has recently put his life in danger for every American so that their liberty and rights will have a chance to survive without violence erupting. If you do not take some sort of action, Mr. Shulz, will more than likely die before summer is over. A tragedy that Americans can't afford to happen for those who believe in the American Constitution and the bill of rights.

For the past 22 years he has been taking the government to court and winning. He has 122 cases with his name on it. When he sees that the government is not acting under the law or has stepped beyond their limit of power, he confronts them and if that means taking the government to court, that is what he does. He has invested much of his own limited funds and countless hours in correcting these wrong doings by the government. I have never seen a man sacrifice so much for this country and for every person who calls him or herself an American

Three years ago he learned about the possibility of the illegality of the income tax after experts, some who have been researching the facts for over for twenty years, had brought it to his attention. Not really believing it himself at first, he researched and couldn't refute the hard-core evidence but wanted the government to answer a few questions so he could know for sure.

Understanding the complexity of the issues that these facts uncovered, he organized a conference in Washington DC at the national press club inviting the tax researchers and many members of the government to come to share these finding, hoping that the government experts, on the income tax, would point out where the tax researchers are wrong. With all the many government officials and workers in Washington DC not one attended the conference. But C- Span did cover the entire conference live on national TV and the entire nation heard about this very solid evidence about the illegality of the income tax. C-Span said that they got more requests for tapes of that show than any others that they have ever produced. Interesting though, during the next conference that Mr. Shulz held at the national Press Club, C-Span did not cover it, even though they weren't covering anything else at that time slot. Now that doesn't make sense unless you bring power and money into the equation. And of course the government continued to ignore invitations to be part of the conference.

Mr. Shulz in a very organized way put all this evidence down on paper. And with a group of delegates, representing all fifty states, went to each branch of government personally handing this information to the white house, the house of representatives, the senate and the supreme court asking that their experts look over this material and meet with the tax researchers in a public forum to discuss this information. The representative at the white house said he would have the experts review the material and agreed to meet on June 29 2000, at the national press club to discuss this issue. Mr. Shulz has this statement on video.

Three weeks before the scheduled conference the white house said that the illegality of the income tax was not a priority to them and they would not be attending the conference. And neither did the senate, the house or the judiciary send any representatives to answer these legitimate and important questions.

Mr Shulz did not stop there he had more conferences and continued to invite the government to send their most knowledgeable people to his conferences that he held in Washington for their convenience so that these questions could be answered for the American people.

Since the media wasn't covering the conferences and seem to be ignoring this important information as much as the government was, Mr Shulz decided that the foundation would purchase full page educational ads in the only national newspaper, USA TODAY, at $62,000 an ad and write out the facts for the American People to learn for themselves. After the fifth ad was printed, Mr. Shulz got a call from a reporter from the New York Times telling him that the senate finance committee was holding a hearing on his ads on Thursday April 5, 2001. Mr. Shulz requested from the finance committee that since he was the publisher of the ads that he be allowed to be a witness at the hearing. Senator Grassely, chairperson of the committee, said no.

Mr Shulz and several other tax researchers attended the hearing in the audience and not one member of the committee wished to speak to the man that they were discussing and labeling with some very abrasive terms that sat less than 10 feet away. The hearing wasn't concerned with the truth or even discussing what may or may not be the truth. The purpose was to figure out how to censor this material from getting out to the public. For those living in Maine, please note that our own Senator Snowe is on that committee although she did not attend that day. Within a few days of the hearing Mr. Shulz called to place his next full page educational ad in USA Today at the cost of $62,000. This time USA Today said they could no longer accept his money to place the ads. First C-Span and now USA Today, I am sure you can see the pattern. The finance committee wanted to censor this material and a few days later USA Today. Is refusing to accept a $62,000 ad. I wonder why??????????

Although the government continued to ignored invitations to answer some legitimate and well researched questions, the TV show, Sixty Minutes II did a story on the what is now called the tax honesty movement. Mr Shulz's foundation was featured. During the show they interviewed Commissioner Rossotti commissioner of the IRS, who was a witness at the Thursday April 5, 2001 Senate Finance Committee hearing about Mr Shulz educational ads. On sixty minutes II Commissioner Rossotti said that any argument that the tax honesty movement has brought to court has been shot down 100 percent of the time. Now either Commissioner Rossotti doesn't have his facts straight or he is lying to the American people. Anyone looking at the court cases about tax cases can see that is just not true. Marcella Brooks is a juror who has spoken of her eye opening experience as a juror on the failure to file tax case of Whitty Harold. All the jurors first thought that this would be an open and shut case to decide. They thought if he didn't file he is guilty. But listening to the evidence was overwhelming and when neither the prosecuting attorney nor judge could produce the law making the defendant liable to file an income tax , they found him not guilty. There are many cases like this. The media will not report them. The government says they don't exist. How do you like the government lying to you?

After many attempts of respectfully trying to get the government to answer legitimate questions about the income tax law, Mr Shulz has decided to go on a fast until the government will give him a list of names of their experts who will meet, not him, but with the tax researcher to answer the few questions, that they have been asking for the last twenty years. Will the government allow a man to fast until death because the government doesn't want to answer a few questions? Probably.

This is not about whether there is a law that requires Americans to file an income tax. This is about the government not responding to redress. This is about a government so out of control that they ignore the people who have consented to this government as long as the government acts within the limits they were given by the people, by the Constitution.

If the government refuses to answer legitimate well researched questions by well educated law abiding citizens, then America YOU NO LONGER HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC AND ALL YOUR RIGHTS THAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS set forth in bill of rights for your protection and liberty are trashed.

Mr Shulz is not putting his life on the line for the income tax, he is putting his life on the line to have government be accountable to the people. To have government work within the constitutional limits of its authority. The government most answer to the people. When the government ignores the people we no longer have liberty we have tyranny. When we have tyranny your rights your liberty your privacy your life doesn't count.

Support Mr Shulz and save your children's and grandchildren's right to live in the Constitutional Republic where their rights can't be stampled over by an out of control government

If you are at all interested in your rights to home school, to own a gun, to keeping the government out of your family business, to have privacy, to be secure in your home and papers, if you have concerns over property rights you need to support Robert Shulz.

Contact all media, newspapers, magazines, local TV and radio shows and tell them you want Robert Shulz story covered by them.

The government doesn't like a light shining on them. If you put a spotlight on them the government will respond. The government is counting on your apathy, your ignorance to control you. Don't let that happen.

Call your Congressman, Senator. Tell them you want them to give Robert Shulz a list of the government most knowledge tax experts that will meet with tax researchers on September 18, 2001 to answer a few questions that they have been asking the federal government for twenty years.

Also call Commissioner Rossotti's office, the IRS Commissioner, the White House and even your own state legislatures and governor so they know a man is sacrificing his life because the federal government refuses to answer a few questions. Tell them to do something about it as an American who has taken an oath to support the Federal Constitution

We cannot let a man die because the government won't respond to legitimate redress. Because the government refuses to try to answer a few well researched questions.

Call information for the toll free number to the White House and Congress.

We need everyone asking questions. Where there is light there is success.

Don't let Robert Shulz die.

Check out his website.

Call him.

Or contact me.

Talk to neighbors about this talk to everyone you know about this and ask them to contact there representatives .

Sincerely and with much concern and urgency.

Kelley Taylore Ryan

Kelley Ryan can be reached by Email

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