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By Judicial Watch
Washington, DC
July 24, 2001

Assistant Police Chief Requests DC Inspector General Take Over Investigation

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes public corruption, received a response yesterday to its July 11 request for an internal affairs investigation of the way DC Police Chief Ramsey and his colleagues handled the investigation of Chandra Levy. Judicial Watch has expressed outrage that Chief Ramsey treated Congressman Gary Condit with undue deference and pointed to a conflict of interest into the investigation of a congressman that could influence funding by Congress of the DC police.

In a letter dated July 13, 2001, Brain K. Jordan, Assistant Chief of Police (Office of Professional Responsibility), wrote Judicial Watch that ³to ensure a fair and impartial investigation of [Judicial Watchıs] complaint, the Office of Professional Responsibility is forwarding [Judicial Watchıs] letter to the Office of Inspector General to investigate.²

Judicial Watch was first to request an ethics investigation of Condit by the House Ethics Committee.

³As far as the hierarchy of the DC police is concerned, this ŒCalifornia Conditı is a member of a protected species. Judicial Watch holds Chief Ramsey and his top brass personally accountable for the DC police departmentıs Œkid glovesı treatment of Condit. Chandra Levy may never be found as result of Chief Ramseyıs malfeasance and dereliction of duty,² stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

A copy of the complaint against Chief Ramsey is available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at

Press Office
Judicial Watch

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