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By Sartre
July 24, 2001

Whoever today speaks of human existence in terms of power, efficiency, and "historical tasks" is an actual or potential assassin. Albert Camus

We have all been taught the 'so called' difference between the Right and the Left. Refining these distinctions produces even more confusion because the premise in the equation is false. The correct context to view Ideology is within the relationship of the Individual with Government. In today's world a Fascist and a Communist have virtually identical objectives. They both seek dominance of Government over the Individual.

When good intentioned Republicans adopt the fundamental inaccuracy of the preeminence of the State over the Individual, they become as much of an enemy of the citizen as the most committed Socialist. Soft peddling or a diminished policy for personal Liberty, still bolsters the forces of tyranny. Painting a conservative face and sweet talking to the heartland, only makes it more sinister when the results are a betrayal of the basic relationship.

Collectivism is alien to the American tradition and is the philosophy that is destroying the Republic. Over the last forty years, government has grown into a leviathan that most conservative politicians have failed to confront. Rhetoric is a hollow substitute to deeds. And honor has been in very short supply. If this lesson is learned by the insiders within the GOP, it becomes possible that the struggle to restore the Republic could enter a significant battle with the advocates of an unaccountable central government. However, to date, there are more aspiring power seekers than reformers within their ranks.

The test for valid support is simple. The legacy of the New Deal to the Good Society has constructed a total repudiation of American ideals. To deny this reality, is to associate yourself with the cause of depravity. There is no room to compromise on this axiom. The lines are clear, distinct and irrefutable. Career operatives rationalize their support for destructive policies as the price for civility. The notion that getting along with the opposition that is bent upon the destruction of the Nation is psychotic. When polls are cited that the public wants less ranker, leadership sinks into the cauldron of deceit and treachery of our heritage. Those of us who advocate a State responsive and accountable to the citizen, are left with few champions to carry the banner of limited government.

Is it any surprise that so many loyal and patriotic Americans are disillusioned with the capitulation of our cause? As long as the erosion of freedom continues unabated, it is meaningless to support conservatives that lack the courage to escalate the fight to the foes of the common man. Little comfort can be taken when our Republican representatives sit at the same table as that of the collectivist, break bread with them and ultimately endorse the next horrid expansion of federal control.

The term 'TC' Totalitarian Collectivist has been used to sum up the nature of this process. Ideology must be viewed within this context. Is a politician willing to use the force of the State to compel the citizen to accept the false idea of government supremacy over the Individual? Any form of doctrine that advocates this method of control is the enemy to 'We the People'. Have we all forgotten the reasons why America was once different from other nations? Her people were the source of authority, and her government was the servant of her people. This relationship no long exists. The political culture has discovered that there is no longer any adverse consequence when power is expanded over the public. All of history is replete with examples of humanity seeking the right to live free, and ruling forces willing to place chains on them. America was to be different, but sadly has adopted an Ideology that is the exact opposite to that at her birth as a Nation.

'TC' now rules! Few are willing to challenge the bureaucratic mechanism that is designed to compel insidious compliance. The operative standard is now one of dreadful despair while pious arguments are presented that society is advancing. Most people understand that they are now at the mercy of the commissar, but are unwilling to reject this abuse and defend their own rights. As long as this submissive Ideology is accepted, surrender is inevitable. Self respect is in short supply, while self-esteem is fostered as a substitute for truth and honor.

Conservatives who claim to be a friend, while doing the work of our adversaries have lost our support. Republicans who have made a Faustian bargain for influence are even worse. The meaning of party platforms has lost its purpose. Belief in the principles of Liberty are now scorned by a political cabal that has similar interests and goals.

The criteria for judging motives can easily be tested. If power is more important than the ideals of America, you can conclude that another public servant has betrayed their oath. Non of us need to be naive, power is necessary to accomplish results. But power for the sake of position only breeds abuse. The debate is always about the proper role of the Individual within Society and the limits of power that a Government can morally exercise. Today the absence of this dialogue is significant and has clouded the minds of the vast majority. Without a vigorous reinstitution of a cogent Ideology that reflects that legitimate authority comes from the Individual, and that Government is but the servant to the interests of the citizen, we are doomed to sink into the abyss of rule by a class of demigods.

Resist the deception of characterizations of the Right and the Left. Judge by a standard that is real and meaningful in the advancement of your own freedom and protection of your natural rights. Identify the charlatan and condemn the deceiver who works to control your future, and relegate you to a serf within your own country. The only Ideology that has purpose is the one that is based upon LIBERTY.

SARTRE - July 24, 2001
2000-2001 by BATR All Rights Reserved

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