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The 'Strappado Wrack'

By Sartre
August 4, 2001

With all the coverage for the last three months we should know everything about the love nest gone awry. But some of us have viewed this tawdry affair as non news and try to avoid all the speculation. Finally the bulletin is in: "Adultery Couple Have Same Sordid Past". The drum beat to characterize Chandra as a sympathetic figure deserving sensitive compassion has been exposed for its hypocrisy.

The poster matriarch for dysfunctional parenting, whines daily and acts like a spoiled bitch for not getting her way. Attempts to demand answers for what happened to her lose ladylike daughter fills the air waves with more hurt and distress. Who could not share her pain? Well, I know of one that doesn't . . .

This family must consider themselves 'Reformed', for any reading of the Good Book or the Torah is quite clear on sinful nature of committing adultery. No Orthodox Talmud tradition in this household. Can't wait to hear Robert and Susan call Dr Lara on this one! Monica and Chandra, names both end in with an A, enquiring minds want to know? What else is in common in that diet . . . Eating a BLT is better than being part of one.

Isn't it clear by now that Ms Levy is dead! No one takes satisfaction in the death of another, but that is not the issue in this soap opera saga. When we hear "My daughter is NOT a slut", the only part of this statement we need to parse, is the word IS. When will the media get this story right? When you play with fire, you risk getting burned. Another ambitious intern seeks the company of the powerful. This plot is all too familiar. Young and naive, but experienced; this determined trollop willingly beds down her man and demands that he leave his wife. Nothing new here. Serial philanderer tires of latest wench gone stale, who is now an irritant. From this point, time will tell and write the final conclusions.

Who cares? This story is not news but a summertime diversion. There is no figure that deserves our empathy. Condolence for the family upon the discovery of her body, is appropriate and should be sincere. But any endorsement of the immoral value system that raised this misguided femme fatale is all too common in the warped California culture. Conduit is nothing but a snake. As it has been revealed, his sexual escapades were well know in his district and on the Hill. But the amoral attitudes in today's political mix allows any impropriety.

The continuous twenty four hour cycle of tabloid speculation and innuendo is condemned by the mainstream media. But the hallow protectors of the public's right to know are really hollow preservers of the cover-up. Take the challenge and read any column in the anointed press and you will find topics that are milquetoast, information that is misleading, opinions that avoid offending anyone and conclusions that are invariably wrong. This story of shameless behavior is not to be condoned, just because it is common conduct within the ranks of the secular humanists.

The bulwarks of perception, presented as reality; are the same champions that tout Ms Levy as a victim. No one deserve to be murdered, but no person has the right to kill themselves either. If she is just on the lam for whatever reason, calling her a victim would certainly be a misnomer. Let's get this story right and stop the hype.

Why isn't Dick Gephardt agreeing to have Gary Conduit removed from the intelligence committee? It should be obvious that one must be lacking in any aptitude or acumen to be assigned to this august assemblage! Always the collegial shield of closing ranks around a fellow legislator takes preference over restoring confidence in protecting the Nation's secrets. No one is willing to condemn Gary for 'loose as a goose' practices. Who among us will cast the first stone . . . ? We have all, sadly; come to expect this conduct from the AC/DC alliance. The silence is deifying from the likes of Ted Kennedy. Could it be that Conduit has a silent mentor? And what about the courage of that dissimulator Dianne Feinstein, as she hastens to backpedal from her double standards. How quickly does the public forget.

The Levy family isn't part of this privileged class of double-dealing autocrats that flaunt the constituents from their district. Their responsibility is to their daughter and do not have an equal duty to the public. Faulting them for working the media would be incorrect. But embracing them as innocent casualties of a deprived lifestyle is nonsense. Just do everyone a service and go away, grieve; and go on.

The public deserves news that has sagacious significance. When was the last time you were informed about world events? With all there own bias, the BBC is about the only service available that even reports that other parts of the earth exist. We, the public, are the real casualty of these kind of stories. What is going on that the moguls wish us not to know? That is the issue, so let us return to serious reporting and let Bo Deitel solve this mystery, for those who have enquiring minds . . .

SARTRE - August 4, 2001
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