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Chuck Achberger
Anchorage, AK
FEBRUARY 5, 2002


Alaska is, and has been, balancing its budgets by borrowing hundreds of millions, indeed billions, from our Constitutional Budget Reserve. That account will be depleted by 2006, jeopardizing the popular PFD program. Do you support the reimposition of personal income taxes or statewide sales taxes to help balance Alaska's budget? -----

Alaska Needs Leaders-Now!"


"Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them."

--Robert Javik The inventor of the Javik Heart

The size of state government has to be reduced!

No formulas put forth have yet closed the fiscal gap. The governor acknowledged the gap then added another $170 million or so to it before proposing a first round of taxation to close the gap. And you wonder why the public is apprehensive.

First the $400 million he proposes has to be only the start. He makes no projections as to where the next $800 million will come from and that is only if government spending doesn't increase. This is not leadership this is a sham.

Our Legislators must step forward and address this problem now. We are beyond the "soft landing" projected by ISER 10 years ago, this is going to hurt. We are not alone in this. Faced with a recession many states are having to downsize services.

Cutting the size of Government is going to hurt, it is going to have an impact on our economy. So will "random acts of taxation" impact our economy. Without certainty business in Alaska will suffer. This dartboard approach to taxation, where you attempt to raise a few million dollars here and there leads to that uncertainty.

Raising a couple of hundred million by the current suggestions coming out of Juneau only leads the citizens to wonder where our government will attack next, as our "leaders" roam our economy like wolves, to look for victims . They have told us they need $1.2 Billion so we know you will be back haunting our doorsteps looking for more.

Without a plan and that means a plan that addresses a reduction in government what else can we expect.

The following are the email links for the House and Senate Majority.

These Representatives are on the House Finance Committee. Take a minute and write them, tell them to hold the line on "Random Acts of Taxation". The Alcohol Tax is up for a vote today.


If you would like to support our efforts:

Common Sense for Alaska 25 years supporting a fiscally responsible Alaska

Copyright 2002, Common Sense for Alaskas, Inc.

Chuck Achberger -

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