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Anchorage, AK
Feb. 8, 2002

Even though the Anchorage Daily News repeatedly reports that there are 10 Alaskans at Salt Lake City, UT competing for the USA in the 2002 Winter Olympics, Channel 2 TV News (KTUU, NBC Affiliate) & the official Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic website confirm only 9.

The "10th" person is Wendy Wagner of Park City, UT (confirmed by the website link) who competes in Cross Country Skiing. She trains in Alaska, however.

The other 9 who live & train in Alaska, with their events, are:

  1. Alan Alborn (Ski Jumping)
  2. Rosey Fletcher (Snowboard)
  3. Lars Flora (Cross-Country Skiing)
  4. Jay Hakkinen (Biathlon)
  5. Nina Kemppel (Cross-Country Skiing)
  6. Aelin Peterson (Cross-Country Skiing)
  7. Kikkan Randall (Cross-Country Skiing)
  8. Rachel Steer (Biathlon)
  9. Jeremy Teela (Biathlon)

FREEDOM WRITER readers can review their biographies, standings, & medal victories through either Winter Olympics link in our SPECIAL INTEREST SECTION of this issue. Our best wishes & congratulations go to all of them, of course.

We hope that the Daily News can get their facts straight in the future, as well.

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