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William Buchwald
Feb 18, 2002

The all-Alaska gas pipeline, proposed by Scott Heyworth, candidate for lieutenant governor, and endorsed by 42,000 Alaska voters, is the only proposed route that makes sense for Alaska. Tony Knowles and Fran Ulmer would have us believe an 800-mile natural gas pipeline within Alaska, costing $8 billion, is not economically feasible, while a 3,000-mile, $17 billion pipeline through a foreign country (Canada) is.

Sir Tony intends to save the oil company $1 billion by having the Alaska Railroad pony up $17 billion in bonds. What a Valentine's gift for Tony's sweethearts: the oil companies. A pipeline through Canada is not in the best interests of Alaska or the United States. The proposed natural gas pipeline out of Alaska and through Canada would deliver vast quantities of natural gas to a Midwest market where there is no shortage of gas, at the same time ignoring large West Coast markets needing and interested in acquiring our natural gas.

The all-Alaska natural gas pipeline would deliver much needed gas to the West Coast, provide natural gas to Alaskans as a cheap clean fuel, maximize jobs available to Alaska residents, and allow for the development of a statewide gas grid and ultimately revitalize our Alaska economy. The all-Alaska natural gas pipeline will be good for Alaska and good for America.

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