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James Garhart
"Lazy Mountain Jim"
Palmer, Alaska
March 1, 2002

Once upon a time, mid-February actually, in the not-so-mythical frontier village of Corezone, doctor Frankenboro invited the villagers to meet with his evil laboratory assistants (Friends of Frankenboro) to give their input as to how massive and what features the villagers wanted incorporated into the latest creation doctor Frankenboro was formulating.

Many villagers said they viewed such a creature as a monster. They feared it and recommended doctor Frankenboro and his evil assistants (friends of Frankenboro) spend their time on other endeavors. Doctor Frankenboro's evil assistants assured the villagers that what they were planning would do no harm. When the villagers were informed that doctor Frankenboro had no insurance in case the villagers were damaged by his new creation, the villagers became even more Concerned.

Some villagers explained they had moved to Corezone to flee the hardships and suffering inflicted upon them in other villages where similar creatures existed. They did not wish to see such circumstances occur in Corezone.

The town crier, a real Frontiersman, and another of the evil Friends of Frankenboro, already on record as seeing doctor Frankenboro's plan as necessary, decried the villager's statements as not being constructive criticism.

James Garhart
"Lazy Mountain Jim"
Palmer, Alaska

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