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Mark Chryson,
State Chairman

Wasilla, Alaska
Feb. 13, 2002

As chairman of the ALASKAN INDEPENDENCE PARTY, I would like to announce that beginning February 15th the A.I.P. will begin a vigorous State-wide media campaign regarding what we perceive as corrupt and deplorable actions by both the Knowles/Ulmer administration and it's agencies and the Legislature of this State. We as a Party can no longer sit quietly by as our so-called leaders allow the precious treasures and resources of this State to be wasted and plundered. For them to defy the will of the people--by even mentioning tapping the Permanent Fund, and in a time of budget crisis proposing additional spending-- is not just outrageous behavior by government SERVANTS, but we hope it is political suicide for each and every one of them!

We also want to remind the people of this State that we are ALL owners of our resources and the monies and benefits that derive from them, and to watch the gross and massive mismanagement over the last few years is intolerable. When the A.I.P. surrendered the reins of the office of Governor to the Knowles Administration it was with pride for the job that had been started in truly reducing waste in State government--and in holding the Oil Companies accountable for cheating this State and it's Citizens out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes--it was the A.I.P. --and probably the gutsiest Governor this State has had--that begin to turn things around for this State.

Those past actions carried this State for several years--but recently corrupt management and run-away spending have brought us to our current gloom--and now they want to rob the bank accounts of both us and our generations to come.

Please listen to our message. WE can change our future now -- this year.


Mark Chryson
Alaskan Independence Party

The Alaskan Independence Party is the nation's largest 3rd party statistically and continues to grow. Chairman Mark Chryson is webmaster of and frequent contributor. Vice Chairman, John Glotfelty, (candidate for governor) is also a frequent contributor to

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