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Ralph Nader & Nader 2000 Campaign
Jan. 9, 2002


I have authored a new book called "Crashing the Party: Taking on the Corporate Government in an Age of Surrender."

"Crashing the Party" describes:

  • The need for a new political direction in our country;
  • The incredible energy and commitment of thousands of volunteers who made the campaign a success;
  • The craven commercial corporatism that has infected both the Republicans and Democrats;
  • The political establishment's no-holds-barred defense of the two-party system without regard to basic democratic norms;
  • The expanding system of autocratic corporate rule which is widening income inequality, depressing our standard of living, and keeping the cops off the corporate crime beat; and
  • Our shared vision for social justice, ecological sustainability and deep democracy.

The sorry political record of the last year, marked by one capitulation to corporate demands after another, reminds us of how pressing is our work to reinvigorate American democracy. I hope you'll find "Crashing the Party" an encapsulation of what we have in fact accomplished and an inspiration for us all to intensify our life's work carrying out the politics of joy and justice.

You can check out comments about the book and reviews (Publisher's Weekly says, "This jaunty, provocative and entertaining on-the-road memoir/manifesto maps out Nader's political philosophy and provides the Nader take on the contemporary U.S. political scene."), a schedule for upcoming book promotion events and excerpts from the book at our website, You can purchase the book at your local bookstore, or on-line.

Please share this message now with your friends and local librarians.

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