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Todd Fahey
Sartre's BATR-Yahoo Groups Chat Club
Jan. 16, 2002

Prior to the September 11 massacre, an investigation was underway relative to Gary Condit's mysterious midnight presence at a Luray, Virginia McDonald's restaurant pay phone, from which he had called another mistress, Ann Marie Smith, to report that, "I might have to disappear for awhile..."; Condit's now-legendary "Panicked Pay Phone Call from Cavern Country" was detailed exhaustively on the pages of by investigator Todd Brendan Fahey. Rep. Condit sits on four (4) Intelligence oversight committees in his Congressional duties, and Americans, regardless of party, should be outraged. As the Condit probe heats up again, having been relabeled a "criminal matter," according to NY Post journalist Niles Latham, we invite you to reread Fahey's Condit/Levy articles and to implore news media to ask the question Lucianne Goldberg asked, but which Establishment media are finding too hot to tackle:

"What is there to do after midnight in Luray, Virginia, Gary?"

Find the Complete "Condit Files" here: Todd Fahey

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