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Dec. 12, 2001

It's time to bring in the A Team

Armey's Army has gone down to defeat. As one of our allies, a sound and correctly oriented fellow, Dick Armey failed as majority leader for the Republican cause. The fault was not his alone. The entire leadership bought into a false strategy, upon assuming the reins of the majority. The revolution of 1994 has fizzled, leaving the taste of a flat soda pop. The greatest regret in our lifetime, is the legislative record of the Republicans that couldn't shoot straight. The bulk of the responsibility reverts back to the Newt Gingrich era and his false 'Third Wave' influences. The sad conclusion is that Republicans have never learned what it means to be the majority power.

The insight is to define the process as one of exercising power and forget the concepts of party partisanship. The Democrats understand the use of power, and have always been more effective and skilled at feeding the beef. Their programs seldom result in material benefits, but they get their way.

In contrast the Republicans concede to the demands, intimidation and coercion of their 'loyal opposition', time and time again. After several terms of capitulation, we can only conclude that the GOP representatives are incompetent or are closet Statists. The people's house has certainly taken the lead over the Senate during these years, but the opportunity wasted, is the real legacy that has emerged.

Just look at a list of house Democrats during this era. David Bonior, John Dingell, Barney Frank, Alcee Hastings, Jesse Jackson Jr, Patrick Kennedy, Tom Lantos, John Lewis, Nita Lowey, Edward Markey, Gregory Meeks, George Miller, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Steven Rothman, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman and Robert Wexler. This is but a particular list of the usual suspects. Many more have retired and left prior to the current secession. But one conclusion is undeniable. It is impossible to deal with this kind of political Bolshevists.

The idea of working and compromising with these political hacks, is like adding sodium cyanide to your tea and sipping it slowly so that the affect will be gradual. The lesson is clear. Only a legislative war with the wicked will justify the majority!

Notions of administrating the status quo as the proper role of the majority is a total betrayal of conservative principles of Liberty. If Republicans deem that their ideals are greater than their socialist colleagues, they need to act superior and reject equivalency with their collectivist commissars. This is the battle that the Republican majority did not only lose, but never even fought.

The solution is so obvious that only those fundamentally opposed to meaningful reform will reject the plan. Tom DeLay needs to wheel his hammer as the new majority leader. Bob Barr should become the whip and Ron Paul given the conference role, while J.C. Watts can do the interview circuit, with a message of an evangelist. A fire under the seat of Dennis Hastert is the first order of business. Cordiality and harmony with the foes of the Republic needs to stop. The intellectual case for limited government and the downsizing of the federal bureaucracy needs to be placed front and center in the national debate. Serious measures for accountability and efficiency of worthwhile services is the objective. Career promotion and power expansion must be discredited. Public service must be defined in terms of results, not promises. Lower taxes, diminished involvements and abolishment of departments is the only agenda that justifies holding the seats of power. Business as usual needs to die . . .

Partisan warfare must be unleashed in earnest. The true enemy, 'collectivism' is worse than foreign terrorism. National mobilization against this opponent requires all the horror of combat, because it will demand real change. The familiar and the comfortable is the collaborator of elites. Whether it be corporations, unions, bureaucracies or institutions; each must face their complicity in the malaise of failed political leadership.

We need the A TEAM ! And the cause will no longer allow the insidious cooperation with the devils of deception. We continually hear the cry for peace. But by definition, reconciliation with your enemy is suicide. Self-destruction has been the path of ingenuous trust, with traitors of freedom. If we won't fight for Liberty, what is the value of holding majority power?

Placing fingers in dikes of sand, will never hold back the torrent of barbarous forces. Deals are meaningless when you barter with thieves. There is no honor, when you concede to compromises, that sell out your purpose. The rhetoric of the radical for freedom, justice and responsibility; must be transformed into the fortitude to fight for those ideals, against the depraved elements that seek to control your existence. Until we recognize the nature of this conflict, we will lose to those who generate corrupt ideology.

Dick Armey is a good man; but so are many others, who served before. Those who perform a ballet in the legislative shuffle, really need to unleash the energy of rock and roll . . . Mistakes will always happen in the quest for creative expression. But when you hop to the tune of a 'pied piper', you aren't just making a mistake; you are dancing with the devil. Those DemoRAT'S have proven they warrant eradication from the legislative process. A new 'A Team' can set the correct direction and fight this war to its final conclusion. There is no room for the 'collectivist' and until they are destroyed, once and for all, we will never attain good government.

December 12, 2001

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