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Conservative Action Team
Jan. 4, 2002

As noted by Creators Syndicate writer Paul Craig Roberts (, "The most important headline of 2001 came on the last day." It was in the Washington Times and read: "Daschle defends 60-vote majority." Thus did Tom Daschle, Senate Majority Leader and Democrat from South Dakota, raise the ugly head of tyranny.

Daschle has decided that Republican issues (along with President Bush's nominees to executive branch positions, unlike Democratic ones) are "controversial" and cannot be accepted on the basis of majority vote. A supermajority vote of 60 in the Senate is required for Bush to staff his government and pursue a legislative agenda.

The Democrats cannot yet declare the overthrow of majority rule. Daschle's mechanism for requiring supermajorities to confirm Bush appointees and to pass Republican bills is the filibuster. The Democrats will talk nominees and bills to death unless 60 votes can be mustered to break their filibuster.

A Republican who said Democrat issues and appointees are too controversial to be passed by majority vote would be excoriated until he resigned from office. He would be labeled with every known epithet and henceforth be the bogyman invoked to drive Republicans out of politics. But Daschle can say it without fear, because hardly anyone is standing up to challenge him.

Filibusters have never before been used by one party as a means of rendering a President unable to staff his offices and advance a legislative agenda.

Once again Daschle has shown the country that Democrats are not afraid to use power illegitimately if it advances their agenda and renders Republicans impotent. Daschle has no fear that such extremism as imposing a supermajority on the rival political party's agenda will cause any defection from the Democrats' political base.

For liberal Democrats, their ends justify any means. The U.S. is on the verge of one party rule. Democrats like Daschle believe fervently in their agenda and are willing to take risks in its behalf; but there are still some constitutionally-aware Democrats who would be willing to stand up against such partisan tyranny... IF they are strongly encouraged to do so.

Now you can send personalized Faxgrams to ALL 49 of the other Democrat Senators AT ONCE (plus the one Independent), demanding that they stand up against this illegitimate use of power by Daschle and his cronies. To make it quick and easy, we've set it all up, and the cost is only $19 -- about what it would cost you in time & long distance fees to do it yourself. CLICK BELOW:


NOTE: If all of the Democrat Senators find their offices buried under a sea of faxes when they return from their break, demanding that they stand up to this tyrannical power ploy by Daschle, then we could see them actually put a stop to this attempted overthrow of majority rule. Send your Faxgrams TODAY -- and be sure to forward this email to everyone you know that wants to help enable President Bush staff his government and pursue his legislative agenda. Thank you!

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