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Daniel New
Jan. 21, 2002

Did you know this is a holiday? A great American.

He was not an abusive adulterer, not a rabble rouser, not a man of unbridled passions. He did not cheat in school, or anywhere else. He did not call himself unearned or undeserved titles. He did not steal. He was not a phony minister. He did not advocate theft (take from the rich, give to the poor). He did not manipulate people with the politics of greed. He did not spend much of his time in consultation with known Communists.

In the State of Virginia, today is celebrated as "Stonewall Jackson Day."

His real name was Thomas Jonathan Jackson. He was a great American and Confederate Patriot, who died in a cause for the right of self determination. He was an instructor in mathematics and science at Virginia Military Academy, and when he went to war, the entire student body went with him.

You want something to teach your children, about an American of whom can be proud?

You want a good reason to close the banks?

Celebrate Stonewall Jackson Day. ---

Daniel New is father to Spec Michael New who refused to don his UN beret while serving in the Federal Military service in Germany. Mr. New has numerous friends and relatives in Alaska

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