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Page 1 News & Morning in America
Dec. 3, 2001

Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian, has called on China to respect the results of this weekend's parliamentary elections.

The elections saw the former ruling nationalist Kuomintang Party lose its majority in parliament for the first time in 50 years.

President Chen said China had looked down on his government before the poll, but it should now accept the choice of the Taiwanese people.

The election was a significant victory for President Chen's Democratic Progressive Party, which has favored independence for Taiwan, and a blow to the KMT, which supports eventual reunification with the mainland.

The pro-China New Party was all but wiped out.

There has been no official Chinese reaction. But a pro-Beijing newspaper in Hong Kong said the results showed a gradual move to what it called "splittism".

Beijing though is likely to view a strengthened President Chen with increasing suspicion.

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