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Conservative Action Team
Jan. 14, 2002

One week before the 9-11 radical Muslim terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, one man went on the Warren Duffy radio show on KKLA in California, and warned that Osama bin Laden was going to mount a massive attack against Americans.

Duffy took this warning seriously, because that same man had predicted the first attack on the World Trade Center on live radio TWO WEEKS before it happened in 1993.

That man was also the first one on national radio to point to Osama bin Laden as the terrorist who was the mastermind behind the attacks on our embassies in Africa.

That's right: this man fingered Osama bin Laden to the U.S. government! He has been a consultant for both the FBI and Naval Intelligence on Islamic terrorism, and has worked with Israeli agents to counter Muslim terrorism against Jews in both Israel and the U.S. He has been responsible for turning in some leading terrorists in the U.S.

As a result, the Hamas has him on a death list, and the Pakistani secret police even infiltrated his organization.

Who is this man?

His name is Dr. Robert Morey, of the Research and Education Foundation (REF). He has a Doctorate in Islamic Studies, and has written over forty books. One of those books, the hard-hitting exposť "Islamic Invasion," was written because he foresaw that America would soon be under attack by the growing menace of radical Islam. The was the first fully-referenced book on Islam that revealed the secret teaching of Mohammed in what the Muslims call the Hadith.

He then proceeded to debate Muslim leaders in universities across the nation . . . and they were defeated so completely that they now run from any further public debates.

Like "a voice crying in the wilderness," Dr. Morey has done all in his power to prepare America for the coming storm of Islamic terrorism. Until 9-11, most Americans did not really believe that radical Islam posed such a great threat. His organization, the REF, was not able to do more because they didn't have sufficient support.

The Research and Education Foundation has done more groundbreaking research, written more materials, produced more tapes, and debated more Muslims than any other organization of its kind . . .

. . . and now they're asking for YOUR help in the FIGHT AGAINST RADICAL ISLAM!

Dr. Morey needs to raise $1,212,000 to mount a NATIONAL CRUSADE to educate the public about radical Islam and its JIHAD against the American people. The REF needs to supply educational books and audio & video tapes to be used on university campuses and in the Federal and State prison system, to launch a massive challenge to the elements of radical Islam in America:

The Saudis have promised $1,000,000,000 (that's ONE BILLION DOLLARS) to evangelize university campuses and the American prison system to produce converts, such as "Jihad Johnny" that was recently captured in Afghanistan working for the Taliban.

President Bush has said that the terrorist acts were a kind of "blasphemy" and that the terrorists had "hijacked a great and peaceful religion" . . . "BUT," says Dr. Morey, "This is simply NOT TRUE. Terrorism is the fruit, of which radical Islam is the root. If we don't confront this reality, the radical elements of Islam will destroy us. They plan to burn down our churches and synagogues and force our children and grandchildren to become Muslims, if we don't FIGHT THEM HERE AND NOW. For the sake of your family, church, synagogue and nation, you need to invest in the future by supporting the Research and Education Foundation today." CLICK HERE:

The answer to radical Islam is not ignorance, it's knowlege; not apathy, but commitment. It's time to "strike while the iron is hot," and rise up and say, "Enough is enough! Let us work together to stop radical Islam in its tracks!"

The first step is to get as many copies of "The Islamic Invasion" out as possible. Book sales were STOPPED after 9-11, because it was "too controversial!" But the REF has now been able to make it available in limited supplies once again . . .

. . . And you can own your copy today, while helping to mount this NATIONAL CRUSADE AGAINST RADICAL ISLAM!

As a special thank-you gift, when you make a contribution of $30 or more, the REF will send you a free copy of Dr. Robert Morey's blockbuster exposť book, "Islamic Invasion," PLUS a link for a free download of his "white paper" report, "Will Islam Cause WWIII?"

This white paper report is DYNAMITE -- just wait until you read exactly how the world is being lulled to sleep while an old Enemy of truth, justice, peace, and democracy gathers its strength for an all out offensive against the civilian populations of the West.

Please click through below to contribute to the REF today. Your contribution of $20, $50, $100, $500, or even $1,000 or $5,000 will be put to IMMEDIATE use in fighting radical Islam in America and the world, and a minimum of $30 will get you a copy of "Islamic Invasion." CLICK HERE:

Your help is needed right away in this NATIONAL CRUSADE AGAINST RADICAL ISLAM . . . now more than ever before. The Research and Education Foundation needs to supply educational books and audio & video tapes to be used on university campuses and in the Federal and State prison system to confront radical Islam. . . before it's too late!

Thank you!

P.S. Dr. Morey says, "My heart is broken every time I see in my mind's eye the Towers collapsing. Could we have done more to prevent this from happening? Have we awakened America to the greatest threat she has ever faced? We've done all we can, with the little support we've had up until now. Won't you please help us fight the forces of radical Islam TODAY?"

Please click through below, and make the best contribution you can. Remember, when you make a contribution of $30 or more, the Research and Education Foundation will send you a free copy of Dr. Robert Morey's book, "Islamic Invasion," PLUS a link for a free download of his "white paper" report, "Will Islam Cause WWIII?" Thank you! CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE!

P.P.S. The REF is a nonprofit educational organization, and for any donation you make, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes!

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