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John Wayne Glotfelty
(From North Star Voters)
North Pole AK
April 15, 2002

North Star Alaska Voters News Letter

As you know April 11, 2002 we sent invitations to all Gubernatorial Candidates requesting comments for consideration by the North Star Alaska Voters Organization and affiliate Alaska Voters Organization ( on Representative Vic Kohringís10 Point Proposal. This was a tremendous effort on Mr. Kohringís part and the only real proposal submitted to the people by any representative. We fell it addresses most of the questions facing Alaska.

To date no candidate for Governor has responded to our request except Mr. Glotfelty.

Gubernatorial Candidate John Wayne Glotfeltyís Response to
Representative Vic Kohringís 10 Point Plan

April 12, 2002

Vic Koringís Points in bold

1. Cut spending by $500 million this year and another $100 million for each of the next five years, for a total of one billion dollars. Have Legislative sessions every other year, and restrict them to 60 days.

John Wayne:
Itís a rather liberal approach. When you waste $500 million a year, you are not actually cutting anything if you eliminate the waste. As far as cutting another $100 million a year . . . that is pretty simple . . . you just say no to the Federal matching grants. $100 million . .GONE. You may not be able to do all of the Federal matching grants in one year but if you go through and find matching grants that the Feds have quit paying on and we still have the bureaucracy you have another $500 million. So much for taking years to fix the budget in Juneau. You can do most of it in 6 months or less.

This is the difference between the politicians and a Senior NCO that fixes things . . . not talks about it.

Note: one billion deficit: 500 million waste recaptured and applied to remaining 500 million deficit = one billion.

Honest bookkeeping and accountability is what we need yesterday.

2. Place a moratorium on new taxes, prohibit spending the Permanent Fund, cap spending and contract out numerous services, like road maintenance. Remove half of the four thousand-plus laws enacted since statehood and eliminate 80% of the tens of thousands of regulations government agencies created.

John Wayne:
I donít believe on a moratorium on taxes. I just flat say NO! to new taxes. NONE! ZERO! 84% of the people said no to the Permanent Fund. What do they not understand about NO! I do.

...cap spending ...

Spending will be capped because I write the budget. If they want to increase the budget . . . theyíre going to increase it and they are not going to hide behind the Ďsmoking mirrorsí theyíre doing now.

As far as contracting out numerous services, weíll privatize them. We donít need contracts or to pay contract fees. It will just go out to private services. We havenít built a road in 30 years . . . why do we have DOT?

Vic is awfully kind again when he sayís "remove half of the four thousand-plus laws enacted since statehood and eliminate 80% of the tens of thousands of regulations government agencies created". When you repeal the ĎStatuteí the regulation goes away. Thatís the enacting part of the statute, folks. You canít have a statute without a regulation because the regulation implements. Nobody in the State Government will have the authority to approve a new regulation except the Lieutenant Governor by the Constitution. It has been delegated out now and that delegation will be rescinded 5 minutes after we take office. Anyone that doesnít adjust will be gone.

3. Release the Stateís massive land holdings to the people with no strings and create tax incentives to spur private-sector, small business growth.

John Wayne:
Why are we giving tax incentives to corporations that have made hundreds of billions of dollars raping this land? No! They donít get any tax incentives. If they want to work here they will pay full rate. They donít want to work here then there is fifteen more right behind them ready to come. Sorry. No tax incentives.

Yes, release the land. It was a promise made prior to Statehood and it has not been kept. If state bureaucrats canít understand that in DNR then we will have an attitude adjustment. The biggest in the history of mankind. Those who adjust will work and those who do not adjust will be in Arizona on retirement.

4. Break up the government-controlled monopoly on schools, giving parents tax credits for sending their children to the school of their choice. Consolidate school districts of 100 students or less.

John Wayne:
I take it Vic means a voucher type choice here. I agree with the voucher system and you wonít have to worry about breaking up the monopolies of schools, itís already started in Fairbanks . . . something about a recall of all elected officials which I support. I know what the Department of Education is doing and folks all I need is six hours. I have an M.S. in Education so nobody in Juneau in that department is going to tell me ĎJackí. I will instruct them . Again, if they donít adjust . . . down the highway . . . it runs north and south.

"Consolidate school districts of 100 students or less". Not necessarily because then we are altering the lifestyles of the people. If you defend the lifestyles of Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks then you defend it in the smaller communities and villages. Itís equal and across the board. They have ten students then they get a school. How itís administered will be adjusted but they will keep their schools. We donít sacrifice one lifestyle for the many. We are not going there. Sorry if I offended you but we arenít going there. Everybody gets their own life style under the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

5. Cut non-essential government workers by 25%, put in place a hiring freeze and cap salaries at $70,000.00.

John Wayne:
AGAIN!!! Vic is being too kind. Non-essential government workers have GOT TO GO! The status quo has got to go! 100% of non-essential has got to go. We donít need them. . . Thank you . . . They are out. We donít need a hiring freeze. Salary cap I agree with. When an assistant to the governor gets paid $30,000 a year more then the Governor then there is something wrong with this picture, folks, and this has got to end.

6. Merge half of all agencies, including Natural Resources, Environmental Conservation, Law, Economic Development and Fish & Game. Eliminate the Department of Administration.

John Wayne:
Hum! Interesting thing. Environmental Conservation? I havenít figured out what they conserve yet. Since they let ocean going strip mining boats tear up the entire ocean.

Department of Law will be reorganized and it will be much smaller but I have to have it because the Constitution says itís there.

Economic Development is great at handing out grants and strings but where is the infrastructure? They have none. They havenít developed anything. If they canít give me a comprehensive plan within the first 60 days of my office of where they are going to do their job then they are gone.

Fish & Game . . . Looks like a train wreck in the World Trade Center. Major attitude adjustment here. Those that adjust we keep and those that donít are gone. No longer will our Fish & Game serve foreign corporations. They will serve the people first and if they canít do that they donít need to be there.

Natural Resources is not and extension of BLM. They will develop our natural resources. If they have a problem with that then once again our highways run north and south.

7. Cut welfare and public assistance by 50% and eliminate "welfare" to cities in the form of Revenue Sharing.

John Wayne:
The revenue sharing that comes down on block grants from the federal government will be passed through with no administrative fee to the cities. The revenue sharing coming from the State of Alaska will go the way of the dinosaur.

Welfare and public assistance. . . . I know, Iím AIP so this is going to shock you guys but due to the fact that we have no infrastructure, we have no access to the land, weíve been denied all ways and means of developing individual wealth . . . we can not tell young people who are stuck in $6, $7, $8, $9 an hour jobs, with humongus student loans and no viable private insurance agency in the State that they canít get assistance for them and their children. You may not like it but the Feds pay most of it and the Feds will continue to pay. I am not going to cut one penny from Denali Kid Care.

Here we depart from brother Vic. The only people penalized from the working Alaskanís are those who just simply donít make enough because there are no avenues for them to make enough. To cut them is no better then Tony cutting benefits to 11 thousand people and hiring 650 managers. Iím not going down that road.

We take care of the people until such time as we get our TRUE WEALTH out of big fishing and big oil. Theyíve ripped us off for hundreds of billions of dollars and when we get that back and then weíll think about it. Then everyone will have a chance to make it but right now they donít. Until they do Iím not going to leave them out in the snow.

8. Close money losing rural campuses of the University not on the road system (excluding UAS, Juneau) and cut 20% of highly paid administrative positions.

John Wayne: Here we go again Vic! Both sides of your mouth! Kill the Bush schools. Theyíre not on the road, but let the GIANT SUCKING SOUND from Juneau continue at the cesspool on the cove. Kill everybody but Juneau . . . and youíre conservative Vic?

" . . . cut 20% of the highly paid administrative positions?" 80% of them are non-essential. Iíve already said what I think of non-essentials. When they become a competitive university, fully accredited across the board I will think about it. Until then 80% of them go. If the rural campuses have to go then Juneau goes. They are rural campus. They are not on the road.

9. Close half of government office complexes throughout the state, including the Capitol Building and the State Office Building in Juneau. Move capital into the state-owned Atwood Building in Anchorage, including all department headquarters. Close half of the stateís prison facilities by contracting out 50% of the inmate population to less costly, out-of-state private prisons.

John Wayne:
This from brother Vic? Well brother Vic since youíve been down there for a while and youíve been letting all these nice little 40 year leases on those buildings to the Seattle cartel that doesnít even live here, did you also include a breaking lease agreement clause with those leases? You know contracts are contracts Vic. As far as the legislature, the State Capitol Building, the State Office Building, there is something in the Constitution, the Compact, the Statehood agreement about where the capitol will be. That has to be worked out legally.

Having said that folks, the governor has offices all over the State. I can and will mothball the Governorís Mansion and charge $10 a head for the tourist to pay for it.

Move the capitol to the State owned building in Anchorage? No, No, No! The voters are required to tell us where they want to move it. We do have State owned buildings in Mat-Su, in the North Star, in the Kenai, and the list goes on and on. Most of the buildings in this state are owned by the State. Most of the departments are already there. Itís just the Commissioner whoís in Juneau with his staff, that do nothing, because theyíre non-essential. I will take care of that after I get in.

"Close half of the stateís prison facilities by contracting out 50% of the inmate population to less costly, out-of-state private prisons".

Again Vic, you missed the point. Half of our prisoners are there on bogus reasons or non violent stuff that they should not be in prison for and we should not be paying $40 thousand a year for. Like people in the Mat-Su, driving with out a license . . . 6 months to a year in jail . . . no court. First I fix the Department of Motor Vehicles for suspending peoples license with no due process when ever they get an itch and then we review the cases. Something you donít know Vic that I do. . . itís called pardon. People that need pardon will be out and we wonít need to contract anything.

As for Corrections, I already have an Attorney General for them. They are so far in violation of the law they will never see daylight. Some of them will be going to the hole for crimes against Alaskans in jail. And, yes, I am a certified Sheriffs Deputy from the State of Texas, boarded by the State of Texas for life, so I do understand corrections. There will be more then an attitude adjustment for that department.

10. Eliminate tax dollars to tourism, fisheries, agriculture, public TV, radio and the arts and close the Governorís mansion.

John Wayne
: I already covered the Governorís mansion and it will be mothballed. Iím not going to be there all the time as the Governor has offices all over the State and that is where he should be. The Governor should be accessible to the people. Somebody might come along behind me that actually wants to live in the mansion so we will keep it but while I am in office we will use it as a tourist attraction. It is an historic land mark and we should get $3 million a year off of it. Thatís nice.

As far as eliminating tax dollars to tourism. Iím glad I read number 10.

Tax dollars? This is a misnomer.

Why is it that in 49 states you can take the tax dollars you pay the state off your federal income tax and in Alaska we can not? That is a $12,000 deduction per person in the State of Alaska. If you have a family of four thatís $48,000 total. The State of Alaska does not issue you a form but they talk about YOUR TAX DOLLARS when they give it to tourism, fisheries, and agriculture. Good question Vic.

No dollars to tourism. The international companies can pay their own way.

With the fisheries it is a case where the US Marine Fisheries and our Fish & Game have gotten together and taken the lifestyle of the small boat fishermen away and given it to the corporations on a platter. The small boat fishermen deserve an umbrella until I can get ride of the multinationals and the US Marine Fisheries and restore sovereignty of our waters to Alaska. Fish & Game, along the way, will have an attitude adjustment or they will be crab bate.

Public TV and public radio? The honchos of public TV and radio are going to have to explain to this Governor why a local school board routine meeting is more important that a Governors Debate. Until they do, their funding is in serious jeopardy. So for the folks in KUAC Fairbanks, you are the one that brought the hammer down on public radio and public TV and you explain it to your other hubs state wide.

The Arts are the arts. If they have merit they will sell and if they donít they deserve file circular 13.

Obviously, if I do everything here we will have a decrease in the budget. We will have a surplus. The Permanent Fund will go up and if we institute a tax rebate for the monies we take in royalty which in effect are State Taxes, every Alaskan will get a $12,000 credit on his income tax in 2003. Or . . . you can continue to do business as usual and not have it.

As far as any new taxes . . . one word . . . NO!

Touching the Permanent Fund . . . one word . . . NO!!

Taking $60 million off budget for welfare to the cities and putting it out of the Permanent Fund so it is no longer reflected . . . NO!

All the other little goodies they have done in the last five years the same way by taking them off budget so you donít see it the next year on the budget . . . and pay for it out of the Permanent Fund . . . NO!

You wonder why our Permanent Fund keeps going down every year folks? They have been taking it off budget and paying for things. Smoking Mirrors and Voodoo Economics and the normal Forked Tongued politicians.


We are going to have sanity or you will know it is all a sham and you need to be in a different country.

Thank you very much for your time. This is the Bear from the interior.

Note on the Governorís Debate in Kodiak April 2, 2002. The Bear gave an address at 10 in the morning and isnít it amazing that by 7pm we all sounded alike. Was it that I had such a strong message that Ross, Murkowski and Ulmer had to go in and copy my language because it wasnít in their vocabulary? Interesting. Look for one or all of them to incorporate one of the 10 points I have given you above into their campaign in the coming months.

For more information or questions contact . . .

John Wayne Glotfelty

SFC US Army Ret., B.S., M.S.

Alaskan Independence Party

Web site: www.akjohnwayne.or E-mail: PO Box 56006, North Pole, AK 99705

April 25, 2002

North Star Alaska Voters News Letter

North Star Alaska Voters members had a few additional questions to ask Mr. Glotfelty and he again promptly responded.

N. Star Alaska Voters,

Thank you for your questions. Please find below my answers. I know for many the answers will come as a surprise. Remember I did not make the current situation and have had no input in its continued effect on you. I can and will fix it and in doing so will run great personal risk. Remember that is what American fighting men and women throughout history have done, we do so with honor so that you the people can live free under our beloved constitution. Our oath is to the constitution NOT government.

John Wayne Glotfelty

1. QUESTION: If our Representatives canít see the solution of cutting $500 million in waste and the simple, as you say, "cutting of useless Federal matching grants," what makes you think you can make them see and do this job once you get in?

John Glotfelty

Only the governor can force accountability on the agencies of the state. He alone is the boss by the state constitution. Right now there is no accountability. In fact the representatives have passed statutes holding the employee's of the state harmless for all misconduct, By using Federal laws for misconduct only the governor can bring about rapid and effective change. The representatives approval is not required nor will it be sought as most have comprised their positions already. Under existing laws and regulations all the governor has to do is say no, and the grant is rejected. There are 49 other states waiting in line for the money. Once again no legislative approval is needed. I will NOT delegate grant approval or rejection to anyone else.

You the people must be free to live your lives without added complications.

2. QUESTION: There is always so much campaign rhetoric of "how easy it is" and "once I get in things will be different" and then we end up with jackals once they in. It always seem that once they get in they "OWE" all the big pockets for financing their campaign and donít really work for the people. How can we be sure you can and more importantly "Will" do all you say? Whoís "Big Pockets" are you in?

John Glotfelty

Fair question. I owe no one, except you the people who have helped. I have sold my home and farm to ensure I have enough to fight this battle for you without one penny from special interests. Mt. Hayes Reality in Delta Junction is handling the sale(895-4142). For information just call and ask if the Glotfelty farm has sold. Just as the founding fathers committed all of their resources, so am I. I can do no more than this because I will not sell out.

3. QUESTION am worried about your "non-essential" state workers statement. I am a single parent with two kids and worked in private industry for years barely making it. Two years ago I got a state job with higher pay, medical for my kids and a nice retirement fund. Who do you consider non-essential?

John Glotfelty

Non essential personnel are the ones appointed for political reasons that in fact serve no useful purpose other than a funding base for the party in power. State union workers provide the services, the exempts provide the headaches and heartaches for both the state employees and the public and it is way past time for their ranks to be thinned out to the max. Remember it is the exempts who make up these crazy regulations in almost 99% of the cases. It is their only function. It is no longer needed and I submit we cannot afford it. I realize there are a few exempts that are needed. They will be retained on a case by case basis, based solely on job performance or merit. Statewide there are literally thousands of exempts which are not state employees with the union. I have had researchers from within the state employee's ranks and outside of state employment looking at this problem for over two years. We will begin the process immediately after I swear in. I mean within the hour of my swearing in.

4. QUESTION: Your statement about tax incentives to corporation needs more explanation. We need more corporations and businesses in Alaska that is why we need to entice them with tax incentives. The Alaska economy stinks. If there really were 15 more corporations ready to come up here donít you think theyíd be here now as we DO give them tax incentives. I donít think corporations come here because of the expense of shipping things out of Alaska.

John Glotfelty

We have monopolies now in Alaska. ON sea and on land. The regulations and statutes are written to deny new business from coming. Transportation out of the state has been held to zero for land based business to prevent new development. They can not use existing transportation ship out finished products because of existing cost. Oil monopoly controls energy cost for production. Sea monopoly controls price and processing cost of fish. Mineral monopoly controls access to the land. Seattle controls transportation. Mineral, sea and transportation can be opened up within the first 30 days. Remember the sold out legislature does not arrive for 60 days after I swear in. I must strike hard and fast. Oil will follow along because of the huge amount of profit they are making. They will wish to maintain profit albeit lower rather that loose all profit. The current system has control of 7.3 billion dollars and more lawyers that we can count. If I give exactly how to, Then I will be no different than any other politician. To forewarn the system simply means that no matter how good the plan is, it will not make it because they will have the time and resources to block it.

This must not happen again. We must send the winds of change howling through the bowels of Juneau and thereby freeing Alaskans to live the life style of their choice and in the process open the great land to the full promise of the American Dream.

5. QUESTION: With reference to State land being released we have heard that from several of the Representatives off and on for years and still nothing has happened. If you think it is so easy to do why do you think it hasnít been done yet?

John Glotfelty

The legislature does not control DNR. The governor does. There are also the guarantees in both the Compact and the Statehood Act. It is past time for a real governor who has not sold out, to give the state agencies the largest attitude adjustment known to human history and also find out once and for all does the United States Constitution really apply to Alaskans? Both can be done within 6 months 7 tops without legislative approval. As to why it hasn't been done before, the legislature does not have the power and past governors have not had the heart or courage. They all sold out long before they got to Juneau. Remember you will do one of two things when this battle is done. You will thank me when we meet or as you pass by my tombstone, you will thank me for trying.

6. QUESTION: Though you did comment on the University administration you did not comment on Vicís statement of eliminating the Department of Administration. Most of our members know that some of these Executives are making over $90,000 a year. Some make $161,000 to $242,000 plus benefits and travel. Some of their travel bills go as high as $44,000 a year. Please comment on this waste.

John Glotfelty

The state department of Administration is due for major downsizing. The state employees who do the work will be transferred to other departments to fill the fraudulent cuts made by previous governors in providing services to the people. The higher ups will retire or find other work. No government has the right to exist forever. Neither do over paid exempt employee's. Government only exists by the will and consent of the people. I have seen in my travels around the state that they do not have your consent. It is time for them to go. You the people will decide on election day if you truly want Juneau fixed or do you want to feel good and not really fix it. Remember to fix a mess of this magnitude there will be turmoil for the first 6 to 9 months. Then and only then can we know if the constitutional rights apply to us and if we will be free to move forward in the life style of our choice. I will be very happy to still be breathing at the end of the first six months, If not I know I will have set in motion the necessary forces so that you and those who follow will have a real chance to live the Alaskan Dream.

Respectfully submitted by,

John Wayne Glotfelty

Your Servant for Governor of Alaska

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