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Chuck Acberger
Anchorage, AK
June 3, 2002

This week I made the decision to run for the Alaska House of Representatives.

After years of trying to create change through grassroots efforts and after watching this last session, I have come to a conclusion that the time is right for a different approach. I have concluded that it's time to make a difference from the inside.

I have filed as a Republican to run for State House of Representatives in District 27 which encompasses most of the Sand Lake and airport areas of Anchorage. I will face incumbent Republican Norm Rokeberg in the primary, August 27.

I want to go to Juneau as part of a new wave of people looking for solutions. While I think Norm has done a reasonable job for the people of the District, eight years ago he made a pledge to support eight year term limits. Now that his eight years are up, he's decided he likes it in Juneau and wants to run again. The value of term limits is to keep Alaska from being ruled by a handful of political insiders. Look what this tradition gave us this past session. Representative Rokeberg even went so far as to have his committee introduce a bill last year that removed the "term limits" language from the Alaska Statutes so his change of mind would not be noted on the ballot. Term limits for Alaska State Legislators was a good idea eight years ago, and they are a good idea today.

I have spent the last two years with Common Sense for Alaska, a grassroots advocacy group that supports a long term fiscal plan for Alaska. A plan based on spending reductions and economic development, with new taxes being considered only after other options have been implemented. I want to carry this strategy to the House floor for consideration.

We need to bring common sense back into Alaska pubic policy. I have worked with Common Sense for Alaska to be a vocal proponent for make-sense solutions to Alaska's problems. It's time for me to work inside the system to bring a common sense approach to government. If you agree that we need some changes in Juneau, I need your help to fund this campaign. You can send your contributions to my campaign:

Achberger for House 6610 Lakeway Drive Anchorage, Alaska 99502

I want to thank you for your support.

Maximum allowable contribution is $500 per person.

Personal checks only, corporate contributions are prohibited.

Paid for by Achberger for House * Chuck Achberger Chairman * 6610 Lakeway Drive * Anchorage, AK 99502

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