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Lewis J. Goldberg
June 5, 2002

All the rage in the news this last week is how the FBI is acquiring some stepped up capabilities to handle terror determent. The assumption is that giving the FBI a longer leash will help to prevent a future calamity - but will it? All we need do is apply the new FBI standards to the events of 9.11, and it is plain to see that nothing short of direct revelation could have prevented the multiple tragedies that occurred on that fateful day.

Here are some obvious real solutions that George Bush and his team may have failed to consider during the heated round table session that gave us a new and improved FBI:

No More Money For Israel - Not to pick on Israel specifically, mind you. I also say no more money for Russia, Bosnia, Argentina, or any other free-loading state that has their hand out. In fact, let's get some refunds going here. I want return on my investment.

At base, our support of Israel, economic and otherwise, is the reason the Muslims are mad at us. If we had bothered to read the Constitution [not to mention Washington's farewell address] before we started sending checks and arms over there, we wouldn't be discussing what kind of memorial we want to have at ground zero today.

No More Mosques - No more building permits will be allowed for new Mosques anywhere in the US. No more Islamic Clerics in the US Chaplaincy, either. In fact, all Muslims should be given honourable discharge from any branch of the service they now work under. Last anyone checked, the 9.11 attacks were carried out by 100% Muslims. The Muslim world either cheered wildly, or kept quiet, cheering wildly behind closed doors. Not one mainstream Islamic organisation outside the US has condemned the 9.11 attacks. George Bush has stated that this is not a war of religions...tell that to bin Laden. I don't think he got that memo. [Just a question: When was the last time there was a terrorist that was not a Muslim?]

No More Immigration - ...from Muslim nations, that is. No family reunions; no H1B's; no asylum pleas; no nothing. Coming from Germany? Fine...but you'd better be a White man. All immigrants will be fed bacon and asked to recite the Lord's Prayer as their entrance test.

...and as a follow-on:

No More Muslims Even Visiting, Period - Ahmed has business with a Texas oil company? Too bad...he should have to hire an American consultant to represent him. Or try's cheaper.

No More 2nd Amendment-Sissy Presidents - How about a president that goes on national TV the day of an attack and tells everyone to stock up on ammo, instead of some vague promises to 'seek out and destroy terror wherever it may hide?' How about a president that encourages every able-bodied American man to get a rifle if he hasn't got one, and prepare themselves to become part of the citizen militia, should he need to call it up? Am I just dreaming here? Is it too much to ask that someone who swears an oath to uphold the Constitution should govern like he knows what's in the thing?

No More 'No More Racial Profiling' - Dear Mr. Police Officer...Please profile by race. I'm begging you!

No More 'Tolerance' or 'Diversity' - America has little tolerance for the kind of diversity necessary to crash airplanes into skyscrapers. There is no more tolerance for a 'faith' that advocates 'killing all the infidels, wherever one finds them.' And the PC Nazis worry about the intrusion of the Christians' Great Commission! I know which faith I'd want in a cube mate at work!

No More Undeclared Wars - Not really a direct deterrent to terror, but have we given up on declaring war the old fashioned way - like, with Congress voting and everything? Do they just skip that formality so the incumbents up for re-election don't have to answer questions about their voting record on the war? Why does no one at the Pentagon tell Bush "No...we're not moving a man or a plane until we hear from Congress?" Are the high command a bunch of spineless traitors to the Constitution also?

No More Color-Coded Nonsense - Skip the warnings, please, and just do what it takes to ensure that if there are terrorists in the world, that they are outside the borders of this nation, and not in Missouri, or New York, or Atlanta.

It would actually be easier to clear all the riff-raff out of the land, than to have to look a million different directions - wondering if the dark-skinned trucker in the next lane is going to ram his 30,000 gallons of gasoline into the next bridge, or just working his job like the rest of us. It would be much more respectful to the rights and dignity of our citizens to keep the obvious people out of the airports, and let the silver-haired snowbirds board their flights to the Gulf Coast unmolested.

The decisions made at the highest levels as to how to best keep us safe are bafflingly stupid. This is no time for pandering, no time for 'sensitivities,' no time for half-measures. It should occur to someone in Washington DC that in an emergency, the first consideration should be to the citizens, not what the 'international community' thinks, not what foreign nationals within our borders think, and not what some Imam in Mecca thinks.

Common sense would dictate that some of the above suggested measures should have been among the first out of the gate from the Bush Administration - on September 12, if not the 11th. The fact that nothing that makes any sense has been tried at any time since the attacks lends credence to the various conspiracy theories floating around out there. The decisions being made at the highest levels are for someone's idea of a good reason, certainly. They never share those reasons with the rest of us. Maybe we wouldn't sit still if we knew.

Your comments and questions are encouraged. [] ----

Lewis J. Goldberg is Editor-in-Chief, The Patriotist

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