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June 20, 2002

A fanatic band of obsessed gun control zealots are plotting to obliterate your Second Amendment rights.

With an overabundance of arrogance and . . . A critical shortage of commonsense . . .

They're making an unprovoked attack on your rights as a sportsman, gun collector and heroic defender of your family, home and hearth.

I'm causing an uproar in Congress by standing strong for your Second Amendment rights and I'm glad I am. Someone must put a stop to the angry mob of jeering, sneering zealots who are attempting to torch our Constitution.

Obeying the call from the Clinton-Kennedy Machine, an alliance of hysterical hypocritical liberals tried to silence my voice in Congress by gerrymandering a district map designed to defeat me.

They know they can't shut me up in Congress. So they're determined to manipulate district lines to defeat me.

With just months to go until Election Day . . . I'm bracing for a tough re-election battle!

Under the banner that all guns are bad and all gun owners are evil, liberals call me an extremist because I've gone so far as to join the board of the NRA and invite my friend Charlton Heston into my district.

Using the slogan that "The Constitution is ours to change," they're calling me rigid because I know that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says.

Yes, I admire the NRA that they hate, and I admire NRA President Charlton Heston whom they detest. And as long as I'm in Congress, I'll never EVER let them cheat you out of your right to keep and bear arms!

Because if they succeed . . .

It will prove ruinous to our republic.

You have a strong stake in this great battle and wisely you're fighting with all your might for our rights.

When the whimpering simpering anti-gun crowd joins forces with the ultra-liberal media that hews and spews their anti-gun lies, we must fight back with the truth.

When rabid gun control groups follow their familiar pattern of vile, bitter, negative attacks designed to assassinate my character, that tells me my staunch leadership in support of your Second Amendment rights strikes terror in the hearts of the Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted and Patrick Kennedy Crowd.

I must be doing something right!

Will you help me defend my honor, protect my seat and win re-election so I can keep fighting for you?

Please CLICK BELOW to make your online campaign contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100 or more right away:

Your strong support will give me the ammunition to fight back with flyers, letters, radio spots, newspaper ads and TV commercials that will help me win.

Let's stand up for our God-given American right to keep and bear arms. Let's face this great challenge together and summon the courage and commitment to win!

Your Friend,

BOB BARR Congressman

P.S. I'll always stand up and fight for your right to keep and bear arms! But I need your help to stay in Congress -- please let me hear from you today. CLICK BELOW: Paid for by Bob Barr for Congress

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