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Jack Oliver
Deputy Chairman, Republican National Committee
June 7, 2002

The President's most important job is to protect and defend the American people. Since September 11, all levels of government have cooperated like never before to strengthen aviation and border security, stockpile more medicines in case of biological attack, improve information sharing among all departments and levels of government, and protect critical infrastructure.

Tonight, after months of work by the President's top advisors, President Bush proposed the creation of The Department of Homeland Security to coordinate our national response to terrorism. This new Department is not an expansion of government. Instead, it is a consolidation of responsibilities for homeland security into one agency.

Today these responsibilities are dispersed among more than 100 government organizations. America needs a single, unified homeland security structure that will improve protection against today's threats and be flexible to help meet the unknown threats of the future.

President Bush needs your help in ensuring that our nation is best positioned to protect and defend the American people. Please take a moment to contact your Members of Congress and let them know that President Bush's proposal for the Department of Homeland Security will make Americans safer because our nation would have:

One department whose primary mission is to protect the American homeland;

One department to secure our borders, transportation sector, ports, and critical infrastructure;

One department to synthesize and analyze homeland security intelligence from multiple sources;

One department to coordinate our efforts to protect the American people against bioterrorism and other weapons of mass destruction;

More security officers in the field working to stop terrorists and fewer resources in Washington managing duplicative and redundant activities that drain critical homeland security resources.

Click below to get the information you need to contact your Senators and Representatives. Click Here

Click below to read President Bush's remarks announcing the proposed Department of Homeland Security. Click Here

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