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Todd Brendan Fahey
from Sartre's BATR Yahoo Group
June 21, 2002

Lotta speculation & intrigue, concerning the identity of "Deep Throat," in this, the 30th Anniversary of Watergate. & anyone who's been paying attention lately knows that the spotlight is coming down hard on Patrick J. Buchanan, former speechwriter to the late President Richard Milhous Nixon. An exhaustive university research project was recently unfurled, as to "Deep Throat"'s identity, and the #1 suspect is Mr. Buchanan; as well, Bob Woodward on recent news programs backpeddled like I've never seen him backpeddle, when asked point-blank, "Was `Deep Throat' Pat Buchanan?" His squirmy response was, to the effect that, "If I keep eliminating names, there'll only be one person left."

As well, Mr. Buchanan has taken the Gary Condit route this week (...where is Condit lately; anyone?), refusing to answer his phones and becoming very scarce on television, refusing to comment on the "Deep Throat" allegations.

So, I'm inclined to believe it's true. I think the mystery has been cracked. I think Pat Buchanan was Bob Woodward's source. Furthermore, I think that, if this is borne out, Pat Buchanan should be canonized as a national hero for his efforts.

Richard Nixon was the most liberal Republican (next to our current President) to (dis)grace the White House. His imposition of wage and price controls; his taking the dollar from off of a silver standard; his creation of the Environmental Protection Agency; his "opening the doors for trade with China"; his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission--this, after an illustrious beginning as the Congressional prosecutor in the Alger Hiss perjury trial (shoulda been Treason, but that's another screed), really marks Nixon for a Hall of Shame of American Presidents. Watergate was nuthin'. His policies while in office were left-wing, and, for that alone, he should have been impeached & convicted.

Lastly, consider, should Nixon have served out his last term, Gerald Ford (another poor excuse for a Republican) would not have needed to pardon Tricky Dick and, thereby, would have won election over Carter in 1976; Ford would not have been challenged, as an incumbent, by Reagan in 1980, and, in 1984, Reagan most likely would not have made a first run for the Presidency.

Were Nixon not tossed out of the White House, we would not have had Ronald Reagan as President. I am not the most die-hard Reagan adherent you'll ever meet, but he was a far sight better than Nixon/Ford/Bush/Bush II. &, so, for that, I believe Deep Throat served the national interest, no matter what his motive. & if "Deep Throat" was Pat Buchanan, he has nothing to be ashamed of; his former boss was a skunk, a liberal, a turncoat, a waste of hope and energy. Hold your head high, Pat: you did the Right thing.

Todd Fahey

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