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Todd Brendan Fahey
from Sartre's BATR Yahoo Group
June 18, 2002

You'll need to make up your own minds about the Bush administration's "Office of Homeland Security" and the direction it portends for America (Amerika?). Some view it as a necessary step to secure our nation from terrorism; others view it as a secret police--a Stasi--and yet another layer of Federal bureaucracy, in the most bloated Government budget in recent political memory.

The late Congressman Lawrence Patton "Larry" McDonald--conservative Democrat from Georgia's 7th District (now held by Bob Barr), and who was simultaneously Chairman of the John Birch Society--empaneled a select group of military generals toward constructing a blueprint for effective domestic civil defense, in the style of our Founding Fathers' understanding of a militia; this model, drawn from Switzerland's incredibly effective civil defence structure, would protect the domestic citizenry, while Bush's "Shadow Government" is lodged 10-stories below-ground in protected shelters, but which leave the average American totally exposed to a nuclear assault on U.S. soil. The so-called "Swiss Report" of Larry McDonald & Generals Lewis Walt and George S. Patton III should be required reading for every American.

Dr. McDonald, it should be remembered, was assassinated aboard Korean Airline Flight 007, September 1, 1983, and was a close personal friend of new EtherZone writer Alan Stang. Background on the State Department's cover-up of KAL 007 can be found at

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