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Conservative Action Team
June 27, 2002

We need you to forward this e-mail to EVERYONE YOU KNOW right away!

This time the liberal judges have gone too far. This time, they have taken away our basic right to say the Pledge of Allegiance to our own flag.

And, it's time we said, "Enough is enough!"

We need to join together NOW in doing just that, by demanding that the U.S. Senate pass an ironclad amendment to the Constitution that protects our precious Freedom of Religion -- once and for all!

There is already a bill in the House of Representatives containing just such an amendment. It was introduced by Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK), and it is called HJ Res. 81, the Religious Freedom Restoration Amendment.

Members of the Senate could adopt their own version of it in just one afternoon if they so choose. Well, it's time for us to tell them by clicking below -- to do it now!

For over 40 years ever since they banned prayer in our schools -- liberal activist judges have waged war on our right to worship our own God in our own way. Time and again they have banned freedom of worship from our schools, from our offices, from our parks and playgrounds -- and even from the lips of our little children.

Now, their agenda is all too clear: They want to wipe God out of America once and for all -- and gag those of us who even dare to acknowledge His existence.

Of course, liberals in the Senate, caught by surprise, are acting like they disagree with this. But, the fact is, they have allowed liberal judicial activism to continue for over four decades. And, if they are really serious about ending the judicial war on religion now, all they have to do is pass a Senate version of the Istook Amendment. Anything less is lip service.

So, please, take just a moment to click below and tell each member of the Senate to adopt the Istook Amendment, restore Freedom of Religion, and give us back our basic rights!

Rep. Istook's proposed amendment was introduced in the House of Representatives back in January... but it hasn't even been introduced in the Senate yet! NOW is the time to get the Senate to MOVE on this bill, and YOU can get them moving!

We've set up a website where you can send "FaxGrams" to ALL 100 SENATORS at ONCE, urging them to support H.J. RES. 81, the Religious Freedom Restoration Amendment. The cost is only $21 to send ALL 100 faxes -- less than it would cost you in time and money to send them yourself, and it only takes a minute!

Please CLICK BELOW NOW to send your faxes to the ALL 100 SENATORS at ONCE, to Save the Pledge and Restore Religious Freedom:

Click here

NOTE: If you can't afford to send your 100 FaxGrams right now, you can still send a FREE email to your Congressmen, urging them to support the Religious Freedom Restoration Amendment -- go to to send your email now.

PLEASE, be sure to forward this e-mail to EVERYONE YOU KNOW right away -- this proposed amendment still hasn't been introduced in the Senate yet, so we need to act FAST, with LOTS of people demanding action against this radical leftist court ruling NOW. Thank you!

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