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Norm Olson
Submitted by Jan Wilcox from Sartre's BATR Yahoo Group
Namibia, Africa
July 1, 2002

It may not be "Ceremonial Deism," as the US Supreme Court calls intoning the deity during Congressional session, but a lack of evidence to support the summary that we are One Nation Under God.

As much as I instinctively recoiled from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision, I must agree that the judges found no evidence that we are One Nation Under God. Without evidence, they ruled correctly.

Who are we fooling? This nation is no longer under God's influence and very soon will be totally without His divine protection. Who are we fooling?

  • We butcher more than 4000 unborn Americans every day . . . we aren't under God!
  • We outlaw prayer, Bible reading, and group Bible study in school . . . we aren't under God!
  • We protect and support sodomy and other abominations for which God destroyed entire nations . . . we aren't under God!
  • We endorse and encourage lesbian and sodomite marriage in our "open society" . . . we aren't under God!
  • We scour and purge the history books of any reference to God's divine providence and intervention in the affairs of America . . . we aren't under God!
  • We indoctrinate the children in the ways of pagans, destroying all the boundaries of Christian morality . . . we aren't under God!
  • We wink at the corruption, infidelity, wickedness, and injustice of those who hold public office . . . we aren't under God!
  • We condemn our finest and bravest to neglect and abuse in squalor-ridden VA hospitals where they suffer without thanks, without praise, without hope . . . we aren't under God!
  • We allow the mob gangsters of the IRS to destroy great churches such as the Indianapolis Baptist Temple . . . we aren't under God!
  • We have expunged ethics from business and have allowed, with absolute impunity, the robbery of life savings from the folks who need financial security the most . . . we aren't under God!
  • We have robbed the bread from our children's mouth to give to CEOs and corporate magnates who in turn send jobs overseas thus destroying the father-provider in the home ... we aren't under God!
  • We have shaken our fist in the Face of the One True God: The God of Abraham, Whose Name is, JEHOVAH, and Whose Son is The Savior, and have erected altars to a hundred false and heathen deities . . . we aren't under God!

No, we aren't under God. Neither are we one nation any longer.

  • If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD we would TOGETHER fight against the heathen barbarians who have crippled us.
  • If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD we would TOGETHER immediately arrest and imprison those who rob and cheat for the sake of profit.
  • If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD we would TOGETHER stop the abortion and protect the life of the unborn.
  • If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD we would TOGETHER put God back in schools so that His rules and moral demands are taught AND observed.
  • If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD we would TOGETHER raise up Jehovah Yahweh as THE God of all sustenance, providence, care, protection, and mercy...
  • If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD, we would TOGETHER unleash God's preachers and prophets to teach and preach unhindered, unmolested, unlicensed, untaxed, and unfettered ...

No, we are not ONE NATION UNDER GOD.... For if we were, we would begin to weep at what we've done... we would fall on our faces in brokenness and repentance...

If we were ONE NATION UNDER GOD, His light would reveal to us what we once were, where we've come from, and how to return.

But alas, we are not. Perhaps it's time to be honest before the God we have spurned, scorned, and rejected.

Is America ONE NATION UNDER GOD? I'm sorry, I must agree with the judges of the 9th Circuit... They too asked for the evidence and found none.

Judgment is coming. Prepare. Pray for the children.

Norm Olson

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