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Joseph Farah
Aug. 2, 2002

Raging wildfires, cyber-attacks compound woes

Two weeks ago, the Chinese government attacked WorldNetDaily by name. Islamic militants have previously boycotted the site and resorted to mail-spamming campaigns. Even U.S. government employees using government equipment have been caught red-handed hacking WND's servers.

Last week, someone very sophisticated was attacking WorldNetDaily. It took heroic efforts by WND's tech crew just to keep the site online. The online store, however, was down more often than it was up for a period of time. Thus, WND's main source of revenue was all but cut off.

On top of that, WND is still facing another crisis. Our corporate headquarters, located in the middle of a raging wildfire in southern Oregon, has been under an evacuation order for a week! It could burn down at any moment. While our employees have tried towork at home, many of them too are under evacuation orders. Communication between the staff has become a major problem. Lives and property are in danger.

With God's help, we will overcome both of these crises. You will find a more responsive website today than you found last week. But we need your help to fight back.

Now that the store is back up, we need to make back some of those lost revenues.

Only you, our most loyal subscribers, can help us. We don't dare put out a general alarm on site because it will only encourage further hacking attempts.

By the way, on top of these two crises, we are still fighting a $26.5 million lawsuit initated by Al Gore's chief fund-raiser in Tennessee as a result of our investigative series during the last presidential election. We are still forced to spend our time, money and resources battling the Senate Press Gallery for credentials for unfettered access to the U.S. Capitol. Our insurance premiums are rising because of all of the above. So please respond like you have in the past to this urgent request.

Browse through store here.

Or make your donation here

Keep a free press for a free people alive!

Joseph Farah

P.S.: Feel free to pass this email on to your friends...

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