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May 30, 2002

Within the next 60 days, the U.S. Senate will a make a decision that will have far-reaching consequences for the basic right of a state to be protected from the heavy hand of the Federal Government. And I need your help right now to uphold that fundamental conservative principle!

The issue is this: Sometime in the next two months, the Senate will have to either approve or reject a plan to ship 77,000 tons of nuclear waste -- via the nation's highways and railways -- to a place called Yucca Mountain in my home state of Nevada.

Burying the nation's nuclear waste in Nevadans' back yard is not a new idea. It's been around for years, and billions of our tax dollars have been spent by government scientists and bureaucrats trying to figure out whether doing so is even safe. And to tell you the truth, they still don't know.

Nevertheless, the bureaucrats have decided to go ahead with the so-called "Yucca Mountain Project", and at this point, only the United States Senate can stop it.

While, for years, scientists and politicians have gone back and forth about this dangerous plan, one thing has remained certain: The good, but outnumbered, people of Nevada don't want to become the nation's nuclear dumping ground. From our elected officials, Republican and Democrat alike, to virtually every working man and woman in the state, Nevadans have fought against this Washington, DC-created project.

And we have put up a good fight. But now, the Federal Government has us up against the wall.

This is not just Nevada's problem. Otherwise, I wouldn't be asking for your help. For one thing -- and you need to know this -- before they can "store" this highly dangerous nuclear waste in my state, they have to get it here. That means shipping it here on trucks and trains from all over the country. Doing that will require moving 100,000 truckloads through at least 43 states over the next 40 years.

Of course, the Federal Government is promising us that they can do all this safely. How many times have we heard that?

Indeed, the dangers and risks of this scheme to all of us are almost beyond imagination. For those of us who really believe in the idea that the Federal Government should not be allowed to unnecessarily impose its will on individuals and the states we live in, it is especially alarming.

Population-wise, we are a small state and we don't have a lot of votes. So... we are an easy target. But that doesn't mean the Federal Government should be able to force us to become the rest of the country's radioactive waste depository.

For too long, folks in Washington, DC, have run roughshod over the states -- yours and mine alike. From creating "National Monuments" in our states without even asking us, to telling us how to run our schools, farms and businesses, the Government has long ignored the idea, cherished by the Founding Fathers, that -- to the greatest extent possible -- we should be able to make our own decisions about our property, our safety and our own destinies.

Today, it is my state that is fighting an unwarranted federal intrusion. Tomorrow it could be yours. Right now, the government wants to put its nuclear waste in my back yard. What will they want to do in yours? And more importantly, shouldn't you have some say in the matter?

The good people of Nevada have been waging this battle for many years. We have won a few skirmishes and lost a few. But now it all comes down to one vote in the U.S. Senate that will happen in the next 30-60 days. And believe me, it is going to be close!

A couple of votes either way could very well determine whether my state will become a permanent radioactive dumping ground -- and those votes could very well be cast by your Senators. And don't forget, the thousands of trucks and trains carrying those tons of radioactive material are probably going to be traveling on your state's highways and railroads.

Here is what I ask -- and desperately need -- you to do: Pick up the phone or click below to immediately contact your Senators to tell them to vote NO on Yucca Mountain and prevent this unprecedented and dangerous attack on states' rights.

The people of Nevada are angry -- and they are deeply concerned about not only themselves, but also their children and many generations to come. This radioactive waste will remain dangerous for thousands of years, and if the government has its way, it will stay right here in Nevada for those thousands of years -- after being transported through your state.

You can surely understand how we feel. It is frightening to have the bureaucrats in Washington, DC, poised to do something that is not just unfair, but downright dangerous, to the people of not just my state, but yours as well. And I hope you understand why it is so important that conservatives everywhere stand up and tell their Senators to stop this travesty.

You can send a powerful message not just about the Yucca Mountain Project, but about the desire of the Federal Government to do whatever it wants -- wherever it wants, regardless of the wishes and good judgment of the people who are most directly affected. That message needs to be sent -- and it needs to be sent now.

I hope I can count on you. More importantly, the good people of Nevada hope they can count on you. As I said, we have fought this battle for a long time. But with our fate now in the hands of the Senate, we can't do it alone.

Please contact your Senators TODAY!

Thank you, Kenny Guinn
Governor of the State of Nevada

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