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Mark Dankof
May 23, 2002

An evangelical Christian pastor in the United States asks GOPUSA and President Bush in an open letter to consider the wider implications of Israeli spying in the United States--and the present course of American policy in the Middle East--before tragedy engulfs the world

Bush, George W."
"Bush, Governor Jeb

The February 7th posting by Douglas J. Brown on the Israeli spy flap is suggestive, not simply in the information it does contain, but in the subsequent silence being maintained on this important subject in both the mainstream American media as well the trusted organs of the conservative media network and the present leadership of the Republican Party.

From the Israeli theft of raw materials from an American nuclear plant in Pennsylvania for their nuclear program at Dimona, to the Pollard spy case and the recent "Israeli art student" spy network uncovered around the United States, it is apparent that there is a serious and systemic security problem being ignored by everyone from our national security apparatus to the Christian Right and the Reagan wing of the Republican Party--constituencies that would normally be calling for a full fledged Congressional investigation, the eviction of diplomatic personnel, and a complete review of the reasons for the failure of our intelligence agencies to protect American secrets and interests in any scenario of this magnitude--except when it involves the State of Israel as the perpetrator. Why?

Since it is apparent that the United States is slipping quickly toward involvement in a global war because of our perpetuation of the failures of British foreign policy on the Palestine question from 1917-1948, GOPUSA and other legitimate voices of the Republican Party and the American Right should urge a complete review of the War Party course being followed by both of our major parties--a course that will result in a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions involving the loss of millions of innocent lives, including those of the fine men and women in our own Armed Forces, unless re-assessment of the undue influence of the Israeli lobby and the Dispensational Premillennial wing of the Christian Right on our Middle Eastern policy makers occurs with blinding speed. Time is running out--for all of us.

Pastor Mark Dankof

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