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July 4, 2002

INFORMATION TIMES EDITORIAL: Once again, U.S. President George W. Bush has issued a statement which is based on hypocrisy and chicanery. In his Independence Day 2002 message to the American Nation, President Bush said:

"Each year on Independence Day, Americans honor and celebrate the courageous action that our Nation's Founders took on July 4, 1776 -- the signing of the Declaration of Independence. With that brave and profound decision, the Founders demonstrated their love for liberty and proved that they were willing to fight and die for freedom. As we honor our Founders' bold vision on this first observance of Independence Day since September 11, Americans possess a greater national unity and a deeper appreciation of the things that matter most in our lives -- our faith, our love for family and friends, and our freedom."

But Mr. President, what about the human rights, freedom and independence of the oppressed citizens of occupied Palestine, Kashmir, Khalistan, Chechnya, Northern Ireland and all other enslaved states? Palestinians, Kashmiris, Sikhs, Chechans and the Irish people are struggling to liberate Palestine from Israeli tyranny, Kashmir and Khalistan from Indian tyranny, Chechnya from Russian tyranny and Northern Ireland from British tyranny. These five enslaved nations have also demonstrated their love for liberty and proved that they too are willing to fight and die for freedom. Indeed, all Americans should unite to express deeper appreciation for the lives, families, friends, faith and freedom of the enslaved humans.

Ironically, the brave freedom fighters, who are fighting to end illegal military occupation and to break the repressive stranglehold of imperialist tyrannies over their lives, liberty, land, property, rights, resources and country, have been declared as "terrorists" by the terrorist imperialists, colonialists and slave drivers. The courageous American freedom fighters, who launched an armed struggle and gained independence from the British monarchical colonial rule, were not terrorists. They were human rights defenders. Similarly, Palestinian, Kashmiri, Sikh, Chechan and Irish freedom fighters are human rights defenders. They are defending their human rights and fighting against the state terrorism of Israel, India, Russia and Britain (UK). That's why imperialistic terrorists have no right to call any freedom fighter a terrorist.

President Bush went on to say: "In this new era, Americans share a renewed appreciation for the ideals that make our country strong. Our fine service men and women are fighting and winning the war on terror. They deserve the gratitude of all people who cherish freedom. Throughout our Nation's history, Americans have been steadfast in their efforts to build a country of liberty, peace and opportunity for all. As we act to lift the dark cloud of terror from our Nation and the world, we reaffirm our determination to preserve our Forefathers' legacy of freedom. In doing so, we honor their legacy as we move forward into the 21st century."

In this 'new' era of state terrorism and retaliatory terrorism against government terrorism, all Americans, especially President Bush, should practice what they preach by practically implementing the ideals or principles of representative democracy, Bill of Rights and International Law in the U.S. foreign policies, legislation, law enforcement, official actions and overt/covert operations. Like all patriotic Americans, who are celebrating America's Independence Day 2002 on this 4th of July to commemorate the 226th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the enslaved people of occupied Palestine, Kashmir, Khalistan, Chechnya and Northern Ireland also cherish freedom and they deserve the gratitude of all Americans.

Throughout the history of enslaved nations, the slave states have been steadfast in their efforts to build a country of liberty, peace and opportunity for all. Today, they are acting to lift the dark cloud of Israeli, Indian, Russian and British terror from their nations. The fine men and women of occupied Palestine, Kashmir, Khalistan, Chechnya and Northern Ireland are fighting and winning the war on Israeli, Indian, Russian and British terror, which is supported and promoted by the Bush junta. Therefore, all Americans should reaffirm their determination to preserve our Forefathers' legacy of freedom by opposing imperialism, colonialism, slavery and illegal military occupation, which is state terrorism, and by supporting the liberation struggle of the Palestinian, Kashmiri, Sikh, Chechan and Irish citizens to move America into the 21st century of civilized nations.

[Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved.]

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