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A Project of the Individual Rights Foundation

David Horowitz
President & Founder
June 24, 2002

Recently, the Individual Rights Foundation published my new booklet, "Why Israel is the Victim in the Middle East." I wrote this booklet because I want to get the truth out in the face of the barrage of lies the world is being told about Israel. But I need your help to do this.

Never since its founding has Israel been in such dire peril.

And not since the 1930s have we seen such virulent and open anti- Semitism -- not just throughout the Arab world, but increasingly in Europe.

The Israel-Arab conflict is being fought not just in the Middle East. It is being fought right here in America, and worldwide -- with a sophisticated propaganda campaign whose techniques were learned from the experts.

Americans are stronger supporters of Israel than any other people in the world. But a combination of media distortions and Muslim activist groups is wearing away at this support.

For years we've seen pro-Palestine, anti-Israel bias in the media. But now it's reached a frightening level, as the Palestinians put out wholesale fabrications that are repeated with a minimum of skepticism by the media.

I'm David Horowitz. You may know me as an ex-radical leftist who realized my errors many years ago and became a fighter for the right.

But the fight to defend Israel is not based on right versus left. It's based on right versus wrong, truth versus lies.

And it's the most urgent campaign I've ever taken on.

This is why I am writing you.

If you want to help me and this campaign, Click Here

I don't know your political persuasion.

But I am hoping that you are a friend of Israel who understands that Israel's fight is of worldwide consequence. In defending Israel, we are defending our civilization.

The outcome of this fight will affect the larger war on terrorism; it will determine what kind of world we, our children and our grandchildren live in for generations to come.

I'm writing to ask you for your financial support of my Defense of Israel Campaign. I realize that if you care enough about defending Israel to back up your beliefs with a financial contribution, you would want your money to be spent in the most effective way possible. And I am a uniquely effective fighter in the political arena.

That's because as a radical in my younger days, I learned how to fight and win tough political battles. I learned how to influence public opinion. Now I can put this knowledge to use in more worthy causes. And I can recognize the dishonest techniques the radicals use to sway public opinion and develop ways to expose them and counteract them.

Our side doesn't lie. We don't need to because the truth is on our side.

But we need to fight back a whole lot harder than we have been.

If you agree with me and want to help me in this fight, just Click here

And we can reach wider audiences so that large numbers of Americans are familiar with the facts and will be immune to the propaganda of the pro-Palestinians.

Here is what my Defense of Israel Campaign has been doing:

My booklet "Why Israel Is the Victim" has been sent to thousands of media outlets including newspapers, magazines and talk show hosts.

The booklet gives the facts on Israel that Americans need to know -- the wars the Arab states have waged continuously, their stated determination to destroy Israel, the falseness of their claims against Israel, and the double standards the world uses to judge Israel and the Arabs. And it includes maps that show dramatically the tiny piece of land Israel occupies, and how precarious its existence.

My Web site,, reaches hundreds of thousands of people each week with the most significant articles in defense of Israel that it is possible to access through the Internet -- dozens every week. In addition, it carries original articles including firsthand accounts from Israelis.

It carries many stories that debunk the pro-Palestinian stories in the media -- such as the truth about the "massacre" at Jenin that was actually a Palestinian trap set for the Israeli army.

I speak out on Israel in frequent op-ed pieces, appearances on TV and radio talk shows, and in speeches before organizations and college audiences.

But we now need to take the campaign to a new level that will reach millions more Americans with the truth -- and show up the pro-Palestinian propaganda campaign for what it is.

To do that, I need your help.

If you want to help me and this campaign, Click Here:

Here is what we want to do:

  • Distribute thousands more booklets nationwide to give many more Americans a factual basis for understanding why Israel must be defended. I want especially to reach politically active citizens, and college students whose impressionable minds are being poisoned by the anti-Israel attitudes of many academics.
  • Run an advertisement I have created in newspapers and magazines, to reach millions more Americans with facts about Israel, and to offer the booklet. The ad is headlined "5 Reasons America Must Support Israel." It gives essential facts in a clear, readable way.
  • Expand my speaking engagements, media appearances and writing to reach many more Americans.

As strongly as I feel about defending Israel, my reasons for pouring my heart into this campaign are based on my being an American. As a Jew, I have chosen not to live in Israel. The United States has provided Jews with as safe a home as we have ever known, and I love my country with a passion.

Islamic radicals across the Middle East have summoned their people to a holy war against the modern, tolerant, democratic, Judeo- Christian and secular West. They hate us and have targeted us for who we are. We learned that America is on the front lines of this war on September 11, 2001.

But Israel has been fighting on the front lines of this same war for 50 years. It has been the target of the Arab states, which surround it and vastly outnumber it. Now we see that the war against Israel has been a prelude to the war against the West, especially America.

It is a war between a culture that glorifies teenagers who blow themselves up in order to kill Jews -- where Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is a bestseller -- and a culture of freedom and openness.

We need to expose the truth. You can help me do so by Clicking here

The history of the 50-year effort to expel the Jews from the Middle East has been all but forgotten. The media report on Israel's fight as if it all began yesterday, or at most last year. A few examples:

  • Journalists report with a straight face that Palestinians are angry because Israel controls the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. They either forget, conveniently ignore, or don't have a clue that Arabs were doing their utmost to destroy Israel for the entire 20 years before Israel took those territories away from Jordan and Egypt in the Six-Day War -- for defensive purposes.
  • They have made much of Israel's minuscule number of soldiers who refuse to fight the Palestinians. Yet they report very little on the hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinians who have been shot outright -- without a trial -- simply for questioning out loud whether they could live in peace with Israel.
  • They bemoan Israel's incursion into the Jenin to root out terrorists, hinting or outright declaring that Israel violates the rules of war. Yet they hardly mention that Palestinians fighters who dress in civilian clothes and hide among civilians are violating the Geneva Convention.

I could go on for several pages with the unfairness of the media. But I think you know this already; and if you don't, reading my booklet will give you the facts.

The critical job ahead is to show as many Americans as possible that the goal of Yasser Arafat and his supporters is to destroy Israel, not to live side by side with it -- and how vital Israel's survival is to the survival of the United States and Western civilization.

I need to raise the largest amount I've ever raised at one time -- $180,000 in the next 30 days -- to carry out my Defense of Israel Campaign.

Will you help support this campaign?

I am looking for generous contributors who can give $25, $50, or $100.

If you are in a position to give more, your gift will have a tremendous impact. You can easily donate -- just click here

Whatever amount you can give, your money will go directly to informing more Americans of the truth about the battle for Israel's survival, and its direct connection with the security of the United States.

If you can possibly manage it, I ask you to consider giving $100.

Whatever you can give, please rush your contribution to me as soon as you possibly can. There is not a moment to waste. Israel's enemies are working day and night to discredit Israel. They have already succeeded throughout Europe. We cannot let them succeed here in America.

If you donate now, I will send a FREE copy of my new booklet "Why Israel is the Victim in the Middle East." Click here to get it FREE:


David Horowitz Individual Rights Foundation

P.S. Please help me get the truth out to the American people. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can send will be directly responsible for giving your fellow Americans the facts. And you can share the material from the booklet with your friends, family and fellow community leaders.

And as a favor, would you please fill out the short online survey I've set up? I am interested in knowing your views as a well-informed friend of Israel, and the results will be helpful when I deal with Congress, the White House and the media. Thanks in advance for your help.

To take this survey, and help our campaign, simply click here

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