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Feb. 8, 2002


Canada is the launch-pad for a multi-billion dollar assault by The People's Republic of China (PRC) against the United States. A top-secret report reveals that "a dangerous consortium" of Chinese triads, agents of the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS), and Hong Kong tycoons has established itself in Canada.

"They operate on several fronts. Smuggling heroin into Canada for shipment to the United States. Using Canada as a key in the lucrative human smuggling trade to Europe and the United States. By obtaining ownership of key companies in Canada, the PRC uses them to infiltrate the United States," says the report.

"The original version of the report has been suppressed because of its far-reaching political, economic and military implications," says Gordon Thomas, author of Seeds of Fire: China and the Story Behind the Attack on America (Dandelion Books). "A watered-down version is beginning to circulate within senior Washington and Canadian circles."

But a well-placed source in Canada's intelligence community has passed Thomas a copy of the original report. Revelations of its contents are bound to cause embarrassment within the Bush Administration -- as it prepares for the President's visit to Beijing -- and to the Canadian government.

Codenamed "Sidewinder," the report is officially titled "Canadian Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links in Canada."

It was jointly prepared by Canada's Secret Intelligence Service and the National Security Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Seeds of Fire details how both the CSIS and RCMP were involved in tracking China’s theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos.

Since the book's publication, Thomas has continued to monitor the activities of Chinese intelligence across North America. "The report shows the PRC has infiltrated Canadian society with a network of spies and organised crime figures. Many of them have Canadian nationality, making it easy for them to go to the United States," he writes.

Confirmation of the explosive nature of the report has come from two senior Canadian investigators.

One is Brian McAdam, an internationally renowned expert on Chinese Triads -- networks of professional criminals dating back to Imperial times. The other is Michel Juneau, a former high-ranking French-Canadian intelligence officer who has spent 21 years monitoring Chinese intelligence activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

"As well as what the Sidewinder report states, both men confirm that China is using Canada as the prime base for world hegemony, beginning with the United States," says Thomas.

Copies of the original "Sidewinder" report were shredded. Those on disc were electronically destroyed.

But a copy survived -- and was passed to Gordon Thomas. He says the document reveals: Triads own one-third of downtown Vancouver.

  • China had invested over one billion dollars in 2001 to buy Canadian businesses in strategic areas. A number have links to U. S. corporations.
  • China is one of the largest stockholders -- 10 per cent – in Canada's Imperial Bank.
  • China has "virtual control" of 15 corporations in the country's technology sector.
  • China's Secret Intelligence Service has "established some 30 companies, fronted by Canadian nationals, for traditional and economic espionage purposes. These companies are used as cover for Chinese spies to get them into important business and political circles."
  • CIA and Canadian intelligence do not understand the "sinister nature of the elaborate networks established in Canada."

But the original version of "Sidewinder" was spiked after pressure from the business community in the U.S. -- who feared the revelations would lead to a backlash against China and so damage the thriving trade links President Bush hopes to encourage during his upcoming visit to Beijing.

The joint Canadian intelligence team that prepared the original report was told by the Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee that "the report was too extreme and given to scare mongering." They were ordered to give "a more favourable politically correct spin to the facts they present," Thomas has been told.

"Sidewinder" reveals that more than 200 Canadian companies and corporations are, in 2002, under the direct control of China's International Trust and Investment Corporation (ITIC).

"It operates directly under the general staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). ITIC is the world's largest private operator of container terminals. It has lucrative stakes in 17 ports in Europe, including Rotterdam. These ports are directly implicated in the traffic of humans for the sex slave markets, for domestic slavery, for use as organ donors," reveals Thomas.

In Seeds of Fire, Thomas has detailed how the U.S. has successfully "all but wiped out" the memory of the massacre on Tiananmen Square by the PLA -- acting on the orders of the Chinese leadership.

The book is now in its second large reprint and has been sold to over 40 countries. Its author has received wide critical acclaim for the investigative work behind his revelations.

"The business links established in China by American business have directly led to China setting up operations on an unprecedented scale in Canada. But it is not only Canada that now faces a growing threat to its national security. It is the United States that is the prime target. Canada is just the Trojan Horse -- the womb for the enemy within to nourish itself for the growing penetration of the United States," says Thomas.


Publicity Dept.,
Dandelion Books;
5250 South Hardy Drive – Ste.3067,
Tempe, Arizona 85283;
Tel. 480-897-4452;

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