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Mr. Jean H. Broeckx
June 1, 2002

To all Canadians Who Have Felt or Are Feeling The Pressure Of Government Wielded Injustice.

"The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice."

Mahatma Ghandi

Mahatma Ghandi was a wise person. However; I would add 'law without justice' to the Ghandi observation.

I am 64 and have been exposing and fighting against the growing corruption, that is so much a part of the Crown's Imperialist System of Governance.

Over Time, I've learned, that Challenges brought against such monstrous and corrupt enterprises, as the Organisation of the Crown, are seldom won. This lack of success exists, because the Crown not only wrote and authorised, but rewrites and authorises the Rule of Law. It does so to it's own advantage and to the advantage of a certain societal culture known as the ruling class.

The Crown defines what is legal and illegal, it decrees what the regulations shall be, it decides who is guilty, it creates and meats out punishment. The Crown sets up the curriculum for wood be lawyers and imposes the operating standards under which every lawyer practices law.

It is my personal belief, that the Crown (especially in British Columbia) puts much effort into preventing lawyers from achieving justice and equality for all. Think about this. All of the best lawyers, most of the mediocre and many of the freshly minted, have done legal work for the Crown or one of it's arms. That being the case, when called upon to represent a lowly citizen against the Crown most good lawyers will find themselves in conflict and will have to decline the case.

One must also acknowledge, that the Crown not only provides Law, it provides (with the peoples money) the Court Houses and Courtrooms of the nation, it also appoints and can fire the judges who preside over those rooms.

The Crown legal system is 'the Rule of Law' and that law is the Crown's law. As you are likely by now aware, law and justice are two very different things. The Law is the Law and is always enforced, even though, such laws are very often neither just or fair.

It can be said and supported, that if the law was truly just and fair, the Crown under it's own law, would be forced to convict itself of living off the proceeds of organised crime. True Justice and Fairness would mean admitting, that the Crown has been the largest, most aggressive criminal organisation, the world has ever seen.

Truly, the Federal Liberal Party (The Crown once removed) through legitimising a minimum wage and part-time jobs, forces a great number of it's subjects to work for less than a living wage. The BC Liberal Party (the Crown, now twice removed) even reduced the minimum wage. Such acts as these can be compared to 'slavery' and defined as 'paid slavery'.

Think about every political party across the nation and in every Province and Territory.... All (down to the last person in their ruling Cabal) Swears Allegiance To The Crown. The Crown denies soldiers, politicians, lawyers and many other citizens the option of swearing allegiance to the people whose blood and sweat built the country and who by Law are forced to contribute the tax.

It is the Imperial System, that allows (empowers) ruling class people like Jean Chretien and Gordon Campbell to dismantle essential Services and Programs, and too endanger and inflict hardship on the subject class.

Under The Crown, Injustice Reigns Supreme, And Overrides Justice With Law In Order To Maintain It's Luxury And Supremacy.

Welcome to the Imperial State of Canada!

God Save The Queen of England! But, to hell with Canada's Imperialist System.

Mr. Jean H. Broeckx -
Canadians In Search Of Justice
Box 263
Robson, BC V0G-1X0

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