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Barry Chamish
June 4, 2002

The Council On Foreign Relations, EU and UN are all closing ranks on the Jesuit Vatican's "peace" plan for Israel. Here are glimpses of the evolution of an upcoming "peace" conference which will likely be held in Spain or Italy in July. We begin with Shlomo Gur's little teddy bear, Yossi Beilin. We recall in our last sendout that he was in Washington meeting with such shining lights of the CFR as Richard Armitage and Richard Haass. Where did these meetings lead but straight to England, as reported in The Guardian:

The secret talks, chaired by Jonathan Freedland, were held at Weston House, a country house near Stafford where Northern Ireland negotiations were conducted last year.

Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, said that the Northern Ireland delegates were "great evangelists for their peace process and were keen to offer practical advice and heartfelt encouragement. The two situations are, of course, different in many ways. But this group found so much in common and genuinely felt they learned much from each other over the three days." As well as Avraham Burg, speaker of the Knesset, the Israeli side included General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the former chief of staff of the Israeli army; Yossi Beilin, the former justice minister and one of the architects of the 1993 Oslo peace accords; and Naomi Chazan, the deputy speaker of the Knesset. The Palestinian side included Professor Nabeel Kassis, a Palestinian minister without portfolio; Yezid Sayigh, a former negotiator; and Salim Tamari, another former negotiator. Mr Burg and Mr Beilin are members of the Israeli Labour party, which is in Mr Sharon's coalition government. The Northern Ireland quartet was made up of: Martin McGuinness, now Northern Ireland education minister; David Ervine, who temporarily walked out of Weston Park talks last year; Mark Durkan, leader of the nationalist Social Democratic Labour Party; and Sir Reg Empey, one of the leaders of the Ulster Unionist party.

Absent from the talks was anyone from the Likud party, which is led by the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon.

New initiatives to emerge from yesterday's talks include: creation of a shadow Israeli-Palestinian government as an alternative to Mr Sharon's government drafting of a peace plan that will flesh out the proposals at Taba, including setting out for the first time an exact figure of how many of the 3.5 million Palestinians will be given the right to return a draft document setting out two or three points about how to secure peace to be signed by key Israeli and Palestinian figures.

So Yossi returns to Israel from his CFR-RIAA tour and, pockets bulging with fresh cash to add to his EU allowance, he starts a new party he calls "Dawn." His duty is to assure lots of dissent in the country while the cabal out to disintegrate Israel goes to work.

With thanks to my readers, especially a lady near Toronto, we see that the latest edition of the Peace Chronicles begins in March when...

The London- based al-Hayat daily said in its Thursday's issue quoting sources at the UN that the UN secretary general Kofi Annan received an American green light from the US administration to strongly interfere in the peace process.

The sources told the paper that Annan intends to invite 60 members of high ranking Israeli, Arab, American and European figures to a conference to be held in the Spanish city of Ashbelya by the beginning of May 1st to achieve two objectives. The first to place the UN at the core of the peace process and ensure an international unanimous stand on the framework that can be negotiated upon to end the conflict.

The sources said that among the participants in the conference are prominent figures like the Syrian deputy foreign minister Walid al-Muaallim, the representative of the foreign policy at the European Union Javier Solana, the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad Maher, the Saudi foreign minister Saud al-Faisal, former Israeli foreign minister Sholoumo Bin Ami, the Palestinian negotiators Saeb Oreikat; Ahmad Qrei', Mahmoud Abbas, and the chairman of the political planning department at the US state department Richard Haas, the US under secretary of state for near East affairs William Burns and the British and French ambassador to the UN.

The sources expected that Annan will debate his vision for the Arab- Israeli settlement and the conference will be divided into work groups to concentrate on areas of differences like Jerusalem, the refugees, the borders and the settlements.

The sources reported that the US ambassador at the UN informed the UN special envoy Terry Rod Larsen that Washington is planning to give the UN security council a greater role to search for a settlement.

This looked like an exciting prospect and the EU wanted aboard.

EU presidency urges Israeli concessions over 'very fragile' Mideast Tue May 21,2002 -- The European Union's presidency warned on Tuesday that the situation in the Middle East was still "very, very fragile," and urged Israel to accept a Saudi Arabian peace plan.

But the UN's Spanish conference didn't get off the ground and this made the Vatican very angry, so its pope was put to work.

Pope again presses for protection for holy places and for negotiations to resume in Middle East

John Paul reiterated his joy over the end of the five-week-long siege of the basilica by Israeli troops after militants and other Palestinians sought refuge inside the church complex.

"I appeal yet again for the international community to take, without delay, the necessary measures to see that the specific statute (protecting) holy places is respected and assuring their true protection," the pope said. He did not elaborate, but the Vatican (news - web sites) has long called for an international statute to govern sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Vatican steps up diplomatic efforts, condemns terrorism and `humiliation' of Palestinians Wed Apr 3, 7:36 AM ET

The Vatican effort began showing fruit and this spurred Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres into action. He sent his toy rabbis, Rosen and Melchior to Paris for negotiations with the French Cardinal Lustiger. To get a better understanding of the Vatican spy Peres read here.

Now the stage was set: Israel's Vatican agents, the UN and EU were aboard, all that was missing was the CFR. Bush Jr. now rides onto the scene:

VATICAN, ( -- Pope John Paul II will meet with US President George W. Bush at the Vatican on Tuesday, May 28.

President Bush is currently in Europe, where his schedule includes stops in Berlin, Moscow, and Paris. He will arrive in Rome on May 27 for a NATO conference, then visit the Pope the following day.

This will be the second encounter for the Pope and the American leader. The first occurred last July 23, when Bush and his wife visited the Pontiff at his summer residence on Castel Gandalfo.

The Pope's discussion with the US President are expected to include the Middle East peace process and the terror attacks on the United States. (Last October, shortly after those attacks, the Pope met with former President George Bush, the current president's father.) A White House official recently assured reporters that the President did not intend to bring up the topic of the scandal caused by clerical misconduct in the US.

From UPI:

At the same time, Washington has become more conscious of the fact that the Roman Catholic Church can exert considerable political clout when it sees fit to do so, and there have been situations when the U.S. government and the Vatican have worked together -- usually secretly. The papal audience has been a fixed point on every U.S. president's itinerary since Eisenhower.

But the visit also usually includes a private discussion between the pope and the president, with very few officials present.

Vatican sources reached by telephone Monday expected the pope to urge the president to use Washington's influence to hasten the resumption of the Middle East peace process.

After Bush's meeting with the Pontiff, he held a little press conference, during which he announced that he would be sending William Burns and George Tenet to Israel for some relaxing disruption.

Of Tenet, readers of these sendouts will know that he, with the connivance of Shimon Peres, personally trained the PLO in the finer arts of murdering Jews. But who should confirm this but, none other than the Jerusalem Post?

The National Union-Yisrael Beitenu faction called upon Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to raise the case of Muhammed Fouzi Muhaneh in his meeting today with CIA Director George Tenet.

Muhaneh, a member of a Tanzim Terrorist cell, was one of 13 terrorists recently released from the Church Of The Nativity in Bethlehem to Europe.

According to his Foreign Ministry bio, Mahaneh "participated in a course on security in the United States," which the faction, quoting security sources, said is a euphemism for CIA training.

"Please verify with Tenet that anyone trained and given information by the CIA will not use it for terrorism against the State of Israel," the faction wrote.

So the circle of secret diplomacy leading to a gangup against Israel is complete. The Vatican is leading the CFR, UN, EU charge and the traitors within the gates of Israel, led by Beilin and Peres, will weaken the walls. This time, the seige won't last for long.

A correspondent writes: "Just to tell you, your international view is right and one member of the government can't live with the betrayal anymore. Watch out for Ephraim Sneh. He's drinking and medicating himself. People are worried he'll snap and start talking. He even did an interview on Arabic TV plastered and a lot of people were sweating."

I completed a wonderful 2 hour interview on Lee Klein's KFI- Los Angeles radio show. One caller had a story to tell. He met Chaim Saban, the tv producer, in New York and kidded him about how much money he makes. Saban turned dour and said he has almost nothing; everything he makes is to protect Israel from "the Council. If they get their way, we haven't got ten years left."

My last article and the KFI interview has led to 2 synagogues and one organization willing to split expenses and host me in Los Angeles at the end of the summer. Any more takers out there?

Most of the radio show was about the Rabin murder and, based on my mail at least, sparked a revival of interest in the LA area. I have powerful new evidence and a phone number. However, hold tight. The next two weeks belong to the Hebrew Book Fair. I'll be signing and selling at the Gefen Books booth at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Maybe, I'll see you there.

My books are on Amazon, or can be had through me, or by calling in the US, toll free: 1 877 RABINYY

Two sites by nice people on my list:

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