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Paul A. Bauer, Jr.
Anchorage, AK
Oct. 6, 2002

To All Concerned,

I take special note of those politicians and candidates that inflate or add false information to their resume by misrepresenting themselves to the public just for a vote.

The political resume of Hollis French that was listed in the Sunday Anchorage Daily News said that he has military service in the U.S. Marine Corps ROTC, 1977-78. This is misleading. A student in the ROTC program is not in the military, nor is it counted as any such service. I am guessing, the most Mr. Hollis did in ROTC was to take a few ROTC college courses, maybe he was washed out after a year, and he wants the public to believe that ROTC constitutes as military service. It is not.

The ROTC program is also available to students in high schools around the nation. Does Mr. French want the public to believe that those students also had service in the military?

A military member in the service who is caught inflating their military record is "busted" and would never have a chance of promotion. In a similar situation, one top-ranking officer in the Navy committed suicide when he was caught inflating his military record.

Hollis's misrepresentation is a dishonor and disservice to all servicemen and women that truly served, as well as to the public he wishes to serve.

The media has the responsibility to inform the public of the truth. When gathering information, media reporters should understand what constitutes military service and report it accurately

Paul Bauer Jr.
6244 Eastwood Court
Anchorage, Alaska 99504
907 338-8056

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Hollis French is a figures!)

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