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World Net Daily
Cave Junction, OR
Sept. 12, 2002

Now, on to bigger battles and more victories!

After 19 months, two appeals, a massive letter-writing campaign by loyal readers, calls from members of Congress and the threat of a major lawsuit, finally got its congressional press credentials.

In a 3-2 vote Tuesday, the Standing Committee of Correspondents for the Senate Press Gallery reversed its Jan. 29 Decision to deny the popular newssite a permanent press pass.

Such reversals have been rare in the Standing Committee's 123-year history.

And WND's admittance to the Senate Press Gallery marks a first for an independently owned Internet newspaper.

The fast-growing newssite, with more than 2.5 million readers, will now have the same unfettered access to the Capitol, including the Senate and House chambers and office buildings, afforded the Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press and other venerable members of the Old Media.

WND's case should pave the way for other New Media that want to freely cover Congress.

"I will never forget this two-year ordeal and, even though we received little help from our colleagues, I will do everything in our power to ensure that other journalists are not victimized in this way again," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the comapny.

What's next? The biggest challenge on WorldNetDaily's radar screen at the moment is an equally drawn out lawsuit filed against WND by Al Gore's top fund-raiser in Tennessee, who claims he was defamed in an 18-part investigative series about the former presidential candidate. This is another major First Amendment issue. If presidential candidates and their top fund-raisers and campaign officers are not fair game in an election year, freedom of the press has lost its meaning in this country.

Yet, this suit, too, is nearly two years old now -- draining WND of precious financial resources, time and energy.

Will you help us fight these challenges so WND can go about the serious business of exposing fraud, waste, abuse and corruption in government?

Support WND's legal defense fund now! Can't afford to help? Can you afford $1. Even a $1 dollar contribution is meaningful of WND because of our broad readership in the millions. And even a $1 contribution entitles you to a FREE, three-month, no risk trial subscription to Whistleblower magazine -- a $22.50 value! (Credit card customer only for this offer.)

Don't use credit card to make online contributions or purchases? You can send your contribution to our Legal Defense Fund by check to:

WND P.O. Box 409, Cave Junction, OR 97523

But, please act today! Support WND. Let's make this latest victory contagious. It takes money to challenge the establishment. It takes resources, not just courage, to win.

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