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Sept. 16, 2002

(Monrovia, CA) - Reform Party Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Paul Hannosh, endorsed the American Independent Party (AIP) Gubernatorial Candidate Reinhold (Ron) Gulke on Monday the 16th of September, 2002, and urged his supporters to vote Gulke for Governor. The AIP is the California Affiliate of the Constitution Party, is the third-largest party in California with over 310,000 members, and is the largest state third-party in the nation.

"Ron Gulke is by far the best qualified candidate running for Governor," said Hannosh. "He will return California to its rightful owners, the citizens of California. Unfortunately the Republican Party is more interested in being politically correct than in standing for principle and is therefore doomed to fail, unless it changes course. Ron Gulke is opposed to globalist power grabs and is not for sale to special interests. He stands for Constitutional government, Christian values, and closing down our open border. I urge all of my supporters to poke 'em in the eye and vote for Ron Gulke for Governor."

Hannosh, a Los Angeles County teacher, joined the Reform Party not long after Patrick J. Buchanan left the Republican Party in 1999 to run for President as a Reformer. Buchanan's Vice-presidential running mate, Ezola Foster, also endorsed Gulke for Governor last spring at an AIP State Central Committee Meeting. Foster had praised Gulke's stand on moral and family value issues, including his support of the pro-life cause, and his stand for Second Amendment rights. Hannosh and Gulke share many similar stands on issues.

Whereas the Reform Party is not running a Gubernatorial candidate, the AIP showcases a full slate of statewide candidates.
The official site for GULKE FOR GOVERNOR is:
An entire slate of AIP candidates is found at the official AIP website at:
The national Constitution Party is found at:
Paul Hannosh can be reached for comment at:
Reinhold (Ron) Gulke can be reached for comment at:

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