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Reinhold Gulke
October 2002

California Election 2002
American Independent Party
California Affiliate of Constitution Party

Law abiding citizens have the right to be protected, and to protect themselves, from crime and violence.

I support local control and financing of our police forces, and oppose attempts to establish Federal control over local police. In granting powers to law enforcement to protect the public, there is a necessity to take care that police authority is not abused, and that the rights of citizens are not abrogated in the name of "security." I will support legislation, for instance, to halt the abuses of the forfeiture laws, which are now evident.

I am in favor of tough sentencing of those convicted of violent felony charges; restitution by criminals to the victims of their crimes. I oppose prison privileges for felons beyond the minimal constitutional requirements, and reject the practice of "conjugal visits" to convicted felons.

"Poke 'em in the Eye! Vote Gulke for Governor!"
Reinhold (Ron) S. Gulke
8214 N. Armstrong
Clovis, CA 93611-9505
Phone [559] 299-3875

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