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Todd Brendan Fahey & DumpMcCain.Com thru BATR's Yahoo Group
Sept. 22, 2002

FriendsOfLiberty is hopeful that the 3 or 4 major principled 3rd-parties (Libertarian, Constitution, America-First and...Reform, if they can figure out what it is they want to see "reformed"...) will band together and NOMINATE TEXAS CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL for President, 2004.

Congressman Paul (R-TX) has in his distinguished Congressional career, sponsored legislation to "Get US OUT! of the United Nations" and to abolish the Federal Reserve System and return the nation's currency to that of a precious-metals standard and under Congressional control, as is specified in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

A Ron Paul/Tom Tancredo ticket (the ideal duo) in 2004 would put the GOP on notice that we Constitutionalists--those who wish to see the size and scope of government radically reduced, per our nation's foundation document and Founders' wishes--will not be shunted aside in favor of votes culled through shameless pandering to "gays," Hispanics and soccer moms.

The current level of Federal spending under George W. Bush eclipses that of his predecessor, and we at FLI can see no point in continuing the tweedlee/tweedledum masquerade.

RON PAUL in 2004; you'll be hearing more about at many conservative/libertarian venues very soon.

FriendsOfLiberty, an online presence since 1997, has recently undergone substantial renovation under new ownership. We are focusing on offering to our registerd members the very best in privacy software (freeware, shareware and inexpensive commercial ware), in addition to featuring the latest-breaking news articles and opinion pieces of a limited government perspective. If you've not yet joined our ranks, please considering doing so today.

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