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Submitted by Joe Liberty thru BATR's Yahool Group
Dallas, TX
October 6, 2002

Second Amendment Advocates call for a National Ammo BUYcott

Dallas October 5, 2002 Second Amendment advocates have started a small, grassroots effort to show their numbers. Dismayed by what they refer to as "gun-grabbers" they are calling for a National BUYcott of ammunition on November 19, 2002. With only 44 days remaining until the first National Ammo Day, the effort hopes to make use of Internet news organizations, Internet Bloggers, e-mail, and general word of mouth to spread the word and make the first event a meaningful one.

If they are successful in reaching their first year goal of getting only fifteen percent of the estimated 75 MILLION gun-owning households to respond by purchasing 100 rounds of ammunition, they will get ONE BILLION rounds of ammunition into the hands of law- abiding citizens on a single day.

"The purchase of one billion rounds of ammo, purchased on a single day, sends a very strong message to the gun-grabbers" says Kim du Toit, the man championing and funding this effort. "We're not only trying to reach law-abiding gun owners, we're also trying to reach the millions of other Second Amendment supporters who are also tired of the constant threats and un-Constitutional regulations put on gun- owners. It has gone too far and it's time we let these folks know just how many of us disagree with them."

The website for National Ammo Day ( includes information for non-gun owners as well. The website suggests that non- gun owners: "On November 19, send a letter, a fax, or call your local representatives and let them know that you support the Second Amendment and the unhindered rights of law-abiding citizens To Keep and Bear Arms."

Kim du Toit explains why the target is so high: "There have been million-men marches and a million moron mommies. It's time for a BILLION rounds to show the gun-grabbers and the Nanny-legislators just how many Second Amendment supporters are out there. We've been silent far too long." He adds, "The gun/ammunition manufacturers have been taking the brunt of all the frivolous lawsuits brought by the gun-grabbers. These gun-grabbers are trying to put these folks out of business. Well, not if we can help it! And we CAN help it by buying 100 rounds of ammunition or more on November 19!"

The initiative is not being funded by any corporation or organization. "My wife and I are funding this out of our own pockets." Mr. du Toit does have a contribution mechanism on the website as well as a list of "Ammo Day Gear" that will help defray the costs, but the website specifically states: "Given the choice between buying ammunition on National Ammo Day and buying merchandise from our store, we would MUCH prefer that you spend it on ammunition." The logos, posters, and other materials are available from the website free of charge.

Mrs. du Toit calls herself a "reformed gun-grabber." "I spent a great many years of my life fearing guns--mainly because I didn't know too many people who had guns. Actually, I knew quite a few people who had them, they just never mentioned it and were silent about it--especially if they thought I was anti-gun. Which is the point of National Ammo Day. There are MILLIONS of normal, law- abiding citizens that take their right to own guns very seriously. By coming out of the gun-safe and making their voices heard with their dollars, they can help the ammunition manufacturers and maybe, change a few minds. When you think that half of the U.S. households have at least one gun, that says a lot about how careful Americans are about guns."

The website has a page devoted to "Obeying the Law." It states, "Before purchasing guns or ammunition, read up on the laws and safety issues for proper handling and storage. Don't give the gun- grabbers any 'ammo' to use against us!" Mrs. du Toit adds, "I know that news organizations only report national events and local crime stories, but imagine the difference it would make if the newspaper heading read, 'Today 75 Million Gun Owners Committed No Crime.'"

November 19 was chosen because "it is just a normal day," but Kim du Toit admits that it is also his birthday, "If we come close to our goal, I can't think of a better birthday present."

For more information:

Mr. Kim du Toit,
Voice Mail/Fax: 888-456-5816,

For more information on National Ammo Day:
TRT-NY Home Page:
TRT-NY eGroup:

Joe Liberty

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