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Reed R. Heustis,Jr.
October 9, 2002

To: We Vote Pro-Life PAC

Re: California Gubernatorial Endorsement

Dear Sir or Madam:

Your political action committee's endorsement of Republican Bill Simon for California Governor based on his supposed "Pro-life" position is an absolute travesty when there exists an alternatively genuine Pro-life candidate, Reinhold Gulke.

Gulke is the gubernatorial nominee of the American Independent Party (AIP), which is the California affiliate of the Constitution Party, and has made his strong Pro-life position a major issue in his campaign.

Your PAC has a duty to endorse the candidate who takes the best position with regard to the issue that matters most to your organization. Because Gulke takes a far better and much stronger stand than does Simon on the issue of abortion, We Vote Pro-Life PAC should strip Simon of his endorsement, and re-endorse Gulke for Governor.

Although he claims to be "Pro-life," Bill Simon is nothing of the sort. In fact, because he endorses "exceptions" for rape and incest and rejects the idea that abortion is a "political issue," Simon can only be Pro-abortion.

According to Vote Smart (, Simon says the following about abortion:

"I recognize that court decisions have resolved this issue and the issue of public funding, which I oppose. I believe this is more a matter of changing the hearts of people than it is a political issue...."

To verify this statement, please see here.

With regard to keeping abortion "legal," Simon answered the Vote Smart questionnaire the following way: "Abortions SHOULD BE LEGAL when the pregnancy resulted from incest or rape." (emphasis added)

Not only does Simon believe that the killing of babies should be legal with regard to rape and incest incidents, Simon has absolutely ZERO plans on attacking the abortion holocaust in California once in office. In fact, Simon is on record as having said:

"I am not going to do anything to try to disturb the law. I'M NOT GOING TO BE AN ACTIVIST GOVERNOR WHEN IT COMES TO ABORTION." (Bill Simon, as quoted in The American Independent, William K. Shearer, August 2002, Emphasis Added). ( here )

Simon also refuses to address the issue on his campaign website at . Whereas a truly Pro-life champion is one who makes the abortion issue a prominent statement in his campaign, Simon refuses to speak about it unless asked .

Clearly, Simon is not a champion for our cause for life. Therefore, your PAC should not be endorsing him for Governor.


In contrast to Simon's anemic life stand, the AIP nominee, REINHOLD GULKE, is 100% Pro-life and actually makes abortion a top priority in his campaign. Here are some of Gulke's Vote-Smart questionnaire positions:

  • "Eliminate public funding for abortions and public funding of organizations that advocate or perform abortions."
  • "Support amending the California Civil Code to state that HUMAN LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION." (emphasis added)
  • "All physicians support a caesarian section over partial birth abortion in the case where a woman's life is in danger."

Gulke also makes abortion a high priority issue on his website at . According to his Abortion page, Gulke says, "ABORTION MUST BE ABOLISHED. I believe in the sanctity of life for all Americans, including the unborn and senior citizens...." (emphasis added)

Like Bill Simon, Reinhold Gulke appears on the November ballot for Governor. Therefore, every California voter has the opportunity to cast his/her vote for Gulke.

Consequently, it is disturbing to see that We Vote Pro-Life PAC would endorse Bill Simon, who is not genuinely Pro-life and who will not fight for the cause once in office due to his belief that abortion is not a "political issue."

We respectfully request that your PAC reconsider its endorsement of Bill Simon and endorse the one true Pro-life candidate in California's November gubernatorial election.

It is time to put principle above politics. Please do the right thing by endorsing Gulke for Governor.

Thank You.


Reed R. Heustis, Jr."
YPager: July4th1776
Ph: (909) 860-3014
AOL: ReedHeustis
ICQ#: 16710247
Constitution Party - California 2002 Elections: RON GULKE for GOVERNOR

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