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Carolyn Guillot
August 2002

Dear Fellow Patriot,

This is an URGENT request that you CALL-FAX-EMAIL-WRITE your U.S. Senators asking them to VOTE NO on H.R. 5005. This is the bill proposing the power-grabbing Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

TIME IS SHORT!!! The House passed its version in July; the Senate begins debate right after Labor Day. After Senate action, another House vote will likely be needed. The Bush Insiders are pushing hard to try to wrap it up by the symbolic September 11.

The proposed DHS would accelerate our nation's plunge into a police state while actually undermining our ability to prevent terrorist attacks.

The DHS is NOT a response to the 9-11 attacks, just a pretense of being that. Instead, the DHS follows a blueprint that was prepared by power-hungry elitists and presented to President Bush PRIOR to last September 11. That conniving clique is cynically exploiting our national tragedy to push through a power grab that will advance its own agenda -- TOTAL POWER.

But wait! Bush, a Republican!!!, needs this department, you say! Remember, presidential administrations come and go. Why would we want to centralize police powers NOW for a President Hillary to administer LATER?

  • Cost of DHS -- an INITIAL sum of $37 billion, and that's just to START!
  • Time to set up DHS --- according to Rep. Ron Paul, from past experience, as long as 20 years. So much for streamlining the intelligence-gathering process!!!

More reasons WHY WE MUST STOP THE DHS are attached, both a condensed version and detailed talking points.

If you have little time and already agree the DHS is a bad idea, please see the SAMPLE LETTER BELOW that you can quickly and easily send to your senators.

Also see PHONE-FAX NUMBERS ATTACHED for all the local offices of California Senators Boxer and Feinstein. For non-California senators, call (202) 244-3121 in Washington, D.C., and ask to speak to YOUR senators' offices; from their you can get their local office phone-fax numbers and addresses. Or look them up by name with your Internet browser.

It is important that you follow up your phone calls with a letter if you have time (and please, Fellow Patriot, have time!!!). A fax is easier and quicker, and senators count them in piles of PRO and CON. But if you do use snail mail, Washington mail is still being sterilized (to eradicate any anthrax) before being delivered, meaning MAJOR DELAYS. So please write to Senators' LOCAL OFFICES first.

Please also ASK FIVE FRIENDS to CALL-FAX-EMAIL-WRITE their Senators.

For additional information, please visit .

Thank you! And just imagine how much our Founding Fathers would thank you!

In all sincerity,

Carolyn Guillot


Dear Senator (or Representative later, after the Senate votes):

Please vote against creating a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security. I am opposed to any restructuring of the federal government that could hasten the establishment of a domestic police state. I especially distrust the creation of this new mega-agency because it was first proposed by the Hart-Rudman Commission months before 9/11. That commission was dominated by promoters of big government domestically and world government internationally.


[Your Name & Address]

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