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Reinhold Gulke
Aug. 31, 2002

California Election 2002:
American Independent Party
California Affiliate of Constitution Party

I believe in a balanced budget, and this can be accomplished without tax increases. When the current governor took office our budget was 56 billion dollars. He raised that budget some 37%. Had he held the budget to minor increases, we would have been able to eliminate all of the vehicle licensing fees, other small taxes and a percentage of the state income tax. This tax cut would have stimulated the California economy and added significant numbers to our workforce.

  • Eliminate taxpayer subsidy of energy purchases for the giant utility corporations;
  • Reduce the cost of government regulatory activities by down-sizing both the multitude of regulations and the number of bureaucrats who enforce them;
  • Restore to the people the right to vote on salaries of legislators and elected executive officers;
  • Halt tax funding of all benefits for illegal aliens; and
  • Reduce the size of the educational bureaucracy at the State level.
"Poke 'em in the Eye! Vote Gulke for Governor!"
Reinhold (Ron) S. Gulke
8214 N. Armstrong
Clovis, CA 93611-9505
Phone [559] 299-3875

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