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August 2002

rienhold.jpg - 11972 BytesHello, I am Reinhold Gulke and I am the American Independent candidate for Governor. I am married to Leslie and we have four children and 2 grandchildren. I am President and Owner of RGE, Inc., electrical and Fire Sprinkler contractor. I along with most Californians have become disgusted with the two party system. I joined the American Independent Party in 1998 along with thousands of other Californians. Recently those joining includes the former Chairman and Vice Chairman of the California Reform Party. The American Independent Party is made up of a diverse group of Californians.

I have been endorsed by Ezola Foster, Patrick Buchanan's 2000 Vice Presidential running mate and by Californians just like you. I am a former Vice Chairman of the Fresno County Republican Central Committee and was a Congressional Candidate for the Republican Party in 1993 for the 19th Congressional District. I was the first to introduce the elimination of the California car tax, which has become the largest tax cut in California history. My full plan includes a $25.00 one-time registration fee. No other taxes or fees should be levied against an automobile.

I believe in a personal relationship with God, where I recognize that God is the Creator and Protector of the nation. I believe that all men are created equal and deserve respect. I appeal to God for guidance in my daily affairs and in guiding our nation. I believe in the protection of our families, the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness without government intervention. I believe in adhering to the Constitution for the protection of America.

Why am I running for Governor? I believe that citizens should take an active role in government. First by registering to vote, by being informed on issues and candidates, by voting and by being politically involved. Only 50% of eligible Californian's are registered to vote. Of that 50% only 25% actually vote. Candidates are elected into office by 12.5%. A third party candidate will win this election if you will just turn out to vote.

Every Californian knows that something is wrong in California. Our families are being pressed from all sides; higher electric bills, water bills, gasoline, insurance costs. It takes both dad and mom working just to buy the essentials. I believe in a California where families come first. As Governor, I will move to double the places where our families can go camping, fishing, hiking, swimming and picnicking. Its time to restore the value of families in California.

When our current governor took office we had over 8 billion dollars in reserves. We are currently looking at a 23.5 billion dollar deficit. The current governor has cost us over 31 billion dollars. There is a connection between campaign contributions from energy companies and our current governor's energy crisis. Governor Davis took millions of dollars in contributions from the energy companies and our utility bills reflect HIS loyalty to them.

As Governor my first priority is to balance the budget. My first step will be to eliminate the current energy contract that Governor Davis put into effect. The second crisis facing California is water. We must increase storage capacities by building new dams and pipelines for water in our state. These dams will also produce low cost hydro electricity.

These are the issues that are important to us in California: God, Family and Country. Instead of voting for the lesser of two evils, why don't you join me and just POKE EM IN THE EYE by voting for Reinhold Gulke for Governor.

Thank you.
Reinhold (Ron) S. Gulke
8214 N. Armstrong
Clovis, CA 93611-9505
Phone [559] 299-3875

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