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Sep. 27, 2002

Exclusive video proof truth is being withheld

Perhaps you saw this week's news report that a large anti-tank missile was found in the debris of the Alfred P. Murrah Building on Oklahoma City.

Why was such information withheld for so long?

What else is being withheld fromo the American people?

"Cover-Up In Oklahoma" uses eyewitness accounts, expert testimony and extensive "live" local newscast footage to prove the "truck bomb" scenario promoted by the government and the mainstream media does not fit the facts.

The video shows:

  • The damage sustained by the Murrah Federal Building could not have been produced by a bomb on the street without additional charges placed on or near internal structural columns.
  • The initial news coverage, supported by statements from state, federal and local government officials, described the removal of multiple unexploded bombs from inside in the Murrah Federal Building.
  • Blast debris was blown out and away from the Murrah Federal Building not into it, as would occur with a truck bomb on the street.
  • The truck-bomb "crater," described in the national media, appears to have been an outright hoax.
  • Murrah bombing survivors experienced multiple blasts and describe events consistent with the placement of explosives both on the street and inside the Murrah Federal Building. The presence of bombs within the Murrah Federal Building raises disturbing questions about who might have had the access needed to place bombs inside a protected building.

Statements of Murrah Bombing Survivor Jane C. Graham:

Jane Graham, a federal government employee and the head of her local union describes unfamiliar workmen inside the building, days before the blast. These workmen had architectural plans, wiring and other materials, that fit the description of explosives. Some of these unfamiliar workmen were in GSA attire. Graham has been unable to get the government to either identify these workmen or to act upon her testimony, which undercuts the government's "truck bomb" story.

This VHS videotape is 1 hour 49 minutes in length. It's a rough cut -- not a fancy, highly produced documentary. But it is persuasive evidence of a cover-up in the OKC bombing.

In light of what happened last Sept. 11, this is a video you cannot afford NOT to see.

It's available ONLY at the WorldNetDaily only store, ShopNetDaily.

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