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Julie Kay Smithson,
thru BATR'S Yahoo Group
London, OH
September 26, 2002

You say you want a revolution?

The words are from an old Beatles song, but they are never more appropriate than today, when we stand on the brink of becoming global galley slaves.

The revolution -- begun by our Founding Fathers and their young country, well over two hundred years ago -- has been reincarnated with the God-given gift of the Internet and email, phones and fax machines, and the dedicated unnumbered souls who ply these 'oars' to row us back to freedom.

The bullets are soybean-based ink; the battlefields are former softwood trees -- NOT 'old growth' -- turned into paper.

The soldiers are housewives, children, veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and more. The venues are everywhere EXCEPT the Beltway and other gathering-spots for politicians. Ranchers, farmers, miners, loggers, fishermen (commercial and sport) -- and those who were once engaged in these proud industries -- and their loved ones, are joining in something akin to an AM/FM radio. Each listens to a different frequency. Some are tuned to the same station at a different volume and for different time periods.

Level of understanding and length of time involved should not preclude welcoming each new soldier!

Those for whom they fight will likely never know their names or faces, or hear the voices. In distant lands and rural parts of our own country -- Yea! In our cities and towns, as well -- are countless people of all ages and races and levels of understanding, that may or more likely may not know the war that is being fought for their freedom.

The cost of this war may only be measured by the words spoken by a veteran of another war: "For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know."

By Julie Kay Smithson
London, Ohio

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