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The Son King Rises Pulling Wool and Spinning Yarns

Nicholas Jones
April 7, 2002

Submitted by Blaine Machan, thru BATR's Yahoo Group

"High Expectations For All" is the guiding motto of the Emma E. Booker Elementary School, where the Son King first appeared onstage, that cool, precisely calculated moment when World War III started. And it was a shining example of how history is really forged, not recorded, baptized in the indefatigable whirl of media spin.

The school play: Curtain rises. 9-11-2001. Mrs. Kay Daniels and a Grade 2 class. 9:05 a.m. Whitehouse Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispers the news that United Airlines Flight 175 has crashed into the World Trade Center. 9:07 a.m. A little girl reads "A Pet Goat" while the King sits stiff and sombre. 9:30 a.m. The Supreme Commander tells the world, "... this is a difficult moment for America." In Afghanistan, 10,000 kilometres away, the sun has already been up six hours, baking the parched hill where a young boy tends his real herd of goats. The world is about to change forever.

From that moment, the world's most powerful nation, our closest neighbour, our chief ally, follows the lead of the King down a path of destruction. From Washington to Calgary to Kandahar, propagated at the speed of light, the world gets one story, one suspect, one solution. The spin doctors catch the civilian sheep off guard, whip up a public frenzy to support a whole new war, and spin one of the biggest yarns in modern history. Peeling away propaganda is the job of this new column, a bold, unapologetic attempt to revive critical thinking, embrace options and defend the last frontiers of the open mind. There are several theories about what happened on September 11, and not all of them fit with the official version. Consider the following as another option.

When you connect the dots between lesser known facts in the 9-11 matrix, you begin to see the very strong probability that, not unlike Pearl Harbor, this was another burning of the Reichstag, a surgical excision of democracy and freedom, and the kick-off for the next wave of globalization. The ends serve only the mean men. The unspeakable is the most plausible, and in the words of Jared Isreal, editor-in-chief of "Emperor's Clothes", an online site that challenges mainstream media reports, "... if you want to build a movement to change unjust policies... you have to expose lies and hypocrisy in high places." And here's the red flag: as reported by CNN and the Washington Post, during a private meeting on January 29, Emperor Dubbya personally asked congressional leaders to limit investigation into the events of September 11, on the grounds that they "not unduly burden the defense and intelligence communities as they are still charged with fighting a war." Conveniently, the evidence is barricaded in the war room -- the people stay in the dark.

"The United States is not nearly as concerned that its acts be kept secret from its intended victims as it is that the American people not know of them," said U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, in his article "The Corruption of Covert Actions" (CovertAction Quarterly magazine, Fall 1998). For example, in a desperate attempt to drive anti-"commie" public support for a war against Cuba nearly 40 years ago, the CIA and top military brass drafted Operation Northwoods, a plan to stage terrorist acts in the U.S. and blame them on Cuba. On the drawing board: hijacking planes and blowing up buildings (Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba, Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, March 13, 1962).

I would argue that coursing through the veins of the Internet, flowing right under the mainstream media's nose, is all the evidence you need to conclude that the last "Attack on America" wasn't just nasty Al-Qaeda hate mail, but a concerted effort to serve a broader agenda, with complicity at the highest levels of government. The only real winners here: the military-pharmaceutical-industrial-complex, a.k.a. the Carlyle group, a Bush-Bin Laden joint venture. (Bin Laden Family Could Profit From a Jump In Defense Spending Due to Ties to U.S. Bank, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 28, 2001)

Back to 9-11: 8:20 a.m. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) suspected American Airlines Flight 11 had been hijacked. No fighter jets scrambled. 8:30 a.m. Sarasota, Florida. Outside the hotel, Andy Card whispers into Bush's ear (the first time) and he does not respond. A reporter asks, "Do you know what's going on in New York?" The President says yes and that he will speak later. No jets scrambled. 8:40 a.m. FAA notifies NORAD. The Presidential motorcade is enroute to Booker School, in constant touch with the FAA. 8:46 a.m. AA 11 hits WTC 1 Tower. Interceptor jets finally scrambled, but from a base 200 miles away (400 miles away from Washington). 9:03 a.m. UA 175 hits 2 Tower. 9:07 a.m. "A Pet Goat." 9:30 a.m. (an hour later). The Son King rises. 9:40 a.m. AA 77 hits the Pentagon. 9:55 a.m. Scrambled jets finally reach Washington, D.C.

Before arriving at the school, Bush already knew everything, as indicated in a discussion between Dick Cheney and journalist Tom Russert on NBC's Meet the Press (September 16, 2001). So why did he lie? And worse, why did it take almost one-and-a-half hours for fighter intercepts to arrive on the scene? Standard FAA-military procedures are the rule: Payne Stewart's private jet had two F-16s within a half-hour; the 15-year-old on a suicide mission with a Cessna in Tampa got two F-15s and a Coast Guard helicopter within 15 minutes. For the single biggest hijacking in history, when four commercial planes -- big fat flying bombs loaded with innocent civilians -- go off the radar screen, someone's on a coffee break? Andrews Air Force Base, with two combat-ready squadrons, is only 12 miles from the White House. Once conceivable explanation is that there was a "stand-down" order from the highest places. Yes, it flows downhill.

But, in the words of Ellis Medavoy, a propaganda expert interviewed on January 23 by freelance investigative journalist Jon Rappoport (, "9-11 only needed a handful of lies to start everything." And we, the people, did the rest. And we're still swallowing spin, whether it's the War on Terrorism, anthrax or Enron.

No, this curtain won't set for a while, so all hail the Son King!

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