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Submitted by JoAnn Wilcox thru BATR'S Yahoo Groups
April 1, 2002

(To: Oregon MagazineFriends, As you can see, this comes from Oregon! I am pleased. I speak of the general position the author has taken. Seldom, seldom can I say that anymore. Let's say a prayer for the brave citizen who spoke out! God Bless, JoAn)

Iraqi Light

The following letter also came in the mail. Ignore the English mistakes and focus on the natural intelligenceof the author. I have interjected running commentary which early on is in red type. My Iraqi conversational partner is not identified. If you don't understand why, you've attended modern American public schools (LL)

(The first two text paragraphs are by me.)

My congratulations on a very good job of writing and analysis. I am both relieved and fearful for you, because in your land, as in most Arab lands these days, reason and logic could be a death sentence. There are so few people on Earth who can think, or even wish to, that I consider those like you rare jewells.

I will respond to some parts of your letter, which I have placed in italics. My first two replies are in color, so you can see the pattern. Later comments are in black.

Iraqi "citizen" wrote: Your response inspired me to present my views on the current state of my country. So be it foolish or wise, this is what I witness here. As every other society this society is also divided into layers, which differ totally.

All societies are, indeed, layered. It is fascinating to study the different versions.

Top layers: Foolish, arrogant, terrorist, unsophisticated, (some of them have just passed primary school) clergymen, or the so-called spiritual body. They simply kill anybody who resists them (they are killed for nothing because they are not paid back) by a simpler blame (he is against Islam) No authority can change the final verdict of a court save the leader.

That is an aristocracy of thugs. Very similar in some respects to Nazi Germany

Second: According to the last speech of the leader the only citizens who have been active in the imposed war have the right to participate in governmental issues. So nepotism favoritism and sycophancy is always appreciated here, and they fully enjoy their rights in activities such as bribery, crime, etc.

Identical to Robert Mugabe! (In fact, identical to periods of classical Roman history, when German palace guards selected the Emperor.) It is the most basic form of power sharing, and directly related to the form known as a monarchy. The captains of the military which defend the king are lords of fief-holds in this form. It is an uneasy crown, as a rule, because the greater military chiefs look to greater power for themselves, and eye the crown hungrily. Conspiracy buried beneath court etiquette and formalism. A latter day variety of this Hamlet, Prince of Denmark situation is communism -- which simply removes the crown and robes, but keeps the king, lords, barons and knights, and the landholdings with serfs.

Third: Middle class; which has a new meaning in all respects in this country. They don't care about politics but they are benefited by it. They seek their own profit, and they have the certain possibility of survival as long as they pay, no matter how.

Do not fear middle classes seeking profit, for personal greed is the driving force of economic well being for the nation. Fear the military, the clergy and the academic intellectuals. Fear the stupid, emotional masses. But, never fear the bourgeoise. Socialism (monarchy dressed in egalitarian robes) fails because it is a system based on the fantasy of "equality of outcome." It disallows the bourgeoise. (As rabbits would disallow foxes if they could.) Capitalism suceeds because it is a system based on the reality of personal greed controlled by "equality of opportunity."

That's the secret.

It's not always pretty, and never noble. Intellectuals hate it because it isn't noble. But, then intellectuals are as a rule a non-combat version of the military thug class. (Natural arrogance mated to a desire to use thugs to do the dirty work.) Treasure the bourgeoise, for they desire a better washing machine, and it is the desire for a better washing machine, or a better vacuum cleaner, or a better garden than one's neighbors that powers a third world nation into a first world nation.

The evil greed of consumerism is one of God's greatest gifts, for it drives a national economy upwards and drags the poor upwards with it. In America, the poor are rich when compared to the poor of other nations. Greed controlled by the basic laws of fair capitalistic practice is more valuable than would be cold fusion. It is a following wind that fills your sails, and switches direction on command. It's messy, nasty, often unfair (as opposed to the always unfair of all other economic systems) and a bit seamy at times -- but it sees to it that the poor have automobiles, homes, electricity, telephones, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, free education, health care and the opportunity to rise as high as their talents or luck will take them. The communists say capitalism is a class society, and their method is not. Read what follows carefully

There is no such thing as a classless society. There never has been a classless society. There never will be a classless society.

Thus, what you need is a society with at least partially transparent classes. Since money doesn't give a damn who holds it, money provides the venue for transparency. Dirty old, evil money which is the goal of the capitalist can be used in a way that makes the classes transparent. Just turn the greedy but basically peaceful people loose in a society that forces them to get rich by creating jobs, and get out of the way!

Every year in America, we have 20,000 new millionaires! These are people with no family, political or other establishment connections. They are people who work their butts off and invest their money wisely (and have a bit of luck), and so leapfrog from the lower to the upper classes! All of a sudden, their children go to the best schools and dress in fancy clothes and think they are better than the poor folks. It's marvelous to watch. It's all based on excellence -- on the ability to provide something that other people will buy. It's just like nuclear power. Dangerous as hell, but containing immense energy. If it's made into a game with rules that encourage even faintly fair competition, it's a winner.

Fourth: Sophisticated, literate, vulnerable and mostly poor people. They don't have the right to say a word because they are exiled from political matters and if they say something, they will receive what they deserve (depending upon the effects from sever physical and mental injuries to death.)

Academics are by nature utopians. They are a dangerous group, but then all groups are dangerous groups. That is why the American Constitution does not grant power to anybody. It recognizes that all freedoms come from a place superior to Man. (Call if God if you wish. The founding fathers did.) It protects the individual citizen from his own government! It prevents his government from taking his individual rights!

All groups take on an attitude of superiority. They always do it. The genius of the U.S. Constitution is that it denies them the right to translate that belief into power over the lives of others. It is absolutely the most incredibly brilliant governmental document ever written in the history of Man.

Its prohibition of unitary religious governmental power (a single official church) protects individual religious rights. Its division of government into opposing factions called executive, judicial and legislative branches guarantees that these functions cannot be merged into a dictatorship. Its organization of the judiciary with a foundation of trial by a jury of peers means that government tribunals cannot dispense justice arbitrarily. Its republican (representational) electoral structure prevents the mob rule of a pure democracy, and limits official power by making the boss, the fellow who does the hiring and firing, the people!

By keeping the military under civilian control that is not allowed to send it forth against the people, you have a chance to have honest elections. If you have honest elections, but laws that do not allow specific religious practice or belief to be forced on the people, you have as close to a free society as it may be possible to attain.

Last but not least are the lowest and the basest part of all. Masses who are totally religious, illiterate, and faithful.(To the no-existing faith) They are in full control of the government, and don't want anything more than food and drink. They stink and they don't want to take a bath. Simply they don't want to know.

That is why the American Constitution created a republic based on individual rights. It protects us from the tyranny of pure democracy -- mob rule. It protects us from the evil of ourselves!

A society always needs an agent of change that can help them traverse the socially determined boundaries that encircle them, but our society either does not have this agent or it misguides them. There is the path of wisdom and the path of ignorance. They are apart and lead to different ends. Abiding in the midst of ignorance thinking them wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither like blind led by the blind. What lies beyond life shines not to those who are childish or careless. (As you said)

Your tradition is tribal. From a governmental standpoint, it has always been tribal. From an economic standpoint, it has always been tribal. From a social standpoint, it has always been tribal. You will be trapped in the past until your society celebrates the individual instead of the group

Let me explain myself by an example, In the early medieval times Heaven was in the sky and Hell was underground; volcanoes were the jaws of the hell. I don't believe that these beliefs entered into the official formulations of your government (as you earlier said) but regrettably the masses are still fooled here.

Most of our founding fathers were profoundly religious, not anti-religious. They clearly stated that they believed all freedoms originate with God. Their personal experience with the Church of England, which suppressed their wish to follow the tenets of other Christian sects, caused them to install in the Constitution a prohibition against the creation of an official state church.

There is nothing wrong with a private belief in God. It is when you force your view on others that trouble arises. The greatest living scientist, Stephen Hawking, admits that First Cause is totally unknown by science, and by scientific definition cannot be known. If you are familiar with the concept of the breakdown of physical laws beyond a singularity, you will understand what he's talking about. From a scientific standpoint, belief or disbelief in a Creator God has equal status. Always protect the indivual's right to believe as he wishes, as long as he does not try to force others to live as his personal faith demands.

And the ruling power is the main force to enforce the fore noted and millions of other superstitious beliefs.

The government must be denied the power to support anybody's religious beliefs. It must be required to support everybody's religious beliefs -- within the parameters demanded by other basic rights The people's right to hold what you consider stupid superstitious beliefs must be defended. If they wish to gather together and pray to a palm tree, and in so doing do not abrogate the basic civil rights of others, they must be allowed to do so. In today's world, the most diabolical religion of all is atheism. Its followers are the most intolerant of all. Do not replace the tyranny of one faith with the tyranny of no faith. Defend each citizen's right to believe or not, as each prefers.

While the advent of Nanotechnology is approaching its reality THE MASSES or daresay the Asses walk in the streets moaning and groaning for the good gentleman who was martyred more than a millennium ago. They don't even think that this is even rejected by their own credos. *. They say martyrs go to paradise. {So he (Imam Hussein) is in paradise now enjoying the joys that every one knows. So why should we mourn?

When all faiths may act as silly in your nation, and atheists may parade peacefully, as well, you will live in my messy world.

You talked about a price to be paid. You are absolutely right but there is always something that you receive back for the dear price you pay. I believe here no price; neither blood nor anything else can in any way let these people free.

You may be correct, for as Machiavelli truthfully said, the people are always responsible for the government they have. Any government can be brought down by the people in a single day. All they have to do is walk out into the street and demand it. Roman dictators fell when that happened. The Soviet Union was created when the people came out into the streets and fell when the people came out into the streets. The power of the leaders, as Machiavelli explained, is an illusion. Leaders may murder and jail and torture people only as long as the citizens do nothing about it. Do not expect the followers of a tribal religion to fight for individual rights. They do not believe in individual rights. They believe in communal power headed by a clan chief.

Your people are keeping themselves in jail. It is as simple as that.

I discern that I have answered myself to some extent but I hunted to show you the current state of a country, which is in the verge of collapse, meanwhile obstinately sticks to its irrational international stand which brings the majestic land of Aryan's to the filthy land of terrorists.

We do not pull the sword from the stone with a glad heart. We enjoy commerce, not war. That is why Arabs consider us to be cowards. We do not care what Arabs think of us. We care only about what Arabs do. If what they do becomes harmful to us, we will tolerate it for a very long time, but not forever. When we have reached our limits of toleration, we become deeply angry. It is best not to make a nation of great resources and technology angry through careless and unkind behaviour on your part. You risk much when you do that.

However there is a glimmering light which is slowly budding and that's the new generation who will enable us to survive and expurgate our land from the long disgusting presence of Arabs.

Not all Arabs are bad. Modern science owes a great debt to the scholars of Islam -- particularly the Persians. Islam was derailed by arrogant mullahs and turned into a cave faith. They enjoy their secular power. It is thrilling to kill infidels in the name of God. It enhances the appetite. And, murder, ironically, is a sick form of power over personal death. Tyrannical religious orders are always about secular power over both life and death..

The American Army might be the agent of change, so they are most welcomed.

There is no way to read the future, so there is no guarantee that America will come. In my opinion, however, it is very likely it will happen this year. This observation has no teeth, in that I have no government connections of any kind. I am merely a private citizen of the United States of America. But, with that designation comes free access to information, and in studying all the information out there, I have come to the conclusion that it will happen.

I hope you survive what I think is no more than six months away.


A final note: The Iraqi who wrote the letter to which I responded above made references to "Aryans." Liberals will leap upon that in the context of modern American political correctness, and label him a Nazi.

His dreams are not Nazi dreams. He wants freedom from subjugation, not life and death power over others. If he is of Caucasian descent ( in the case of Middle Eastern countries, that would make him "Circassian" ) his reaction to Arabs (Semitic people, which ironically includes Jews) is natural enough. Those are the people who have turned most of that region into a series of Islamic theocracies that represent some of the most tyrannical regimes on our planet.

It is the American liberals who will react to him in this manner. They are the present day Nazis. But, perhaps they will not do him harm with their hatred. The email response above was kicked back as undeliverable. He never saw my reply.

That address no longer exists.

2002 Oregon Magazine

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